Trump strikes a second, massive blow against Critical Race theory

Last week, President Trump banned Critical Race Theory (CRT) in federal agencies, and he meant it.  When the CDC tried to ignore the ban, the Trump administration squashed it.  Yesterday, Trump expanded the ban from federal agencies to the military, government contractors, and grantees.  What the reference to "grantees" means is that academia, which birthed this racist theory, has a choice: federal money or continued CRT training. CRT holds that there is a specific race that is inherently inferior and seeks to destroy innocent lives.  Anything associated with that toxic theory, including the values it advances, needs to be rejected.  Reduced to its essentials, CRT is indistinguishable from what the Nazis claimed about the Jews or the Democrats, through the KKK and Jim Crow, claimed about blacks. Except for a few pathetic and disgusting fringe groups, Nazis and the KKK are in the past.  Unfortunately, CRT is in...(Read Full Post)
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