Trump lays a trap for Dems with a first move against abusive, anti-White 'systemic racism' brainwashing sessions in federal bureaucracy

A memorandum from Russell Vought, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, has opened a new strategic front in President Trump's re-election battle.  In 461 words (full text below, annotated with my comments), the recently confirmed OMB director virtually invites pushback from the Democrats' ticket and their media allies, and that's a battle they can't win. [Don't worry about me clueing them in.  They are so arrogant that they don't take seriously anything that conservative websites may write.  Moreover, the opportunity to pummel the Trump administration as "racist" is irresistible.] The only people who like the "anti-racism" training are the consultants who make out like bandits and the executives who order them foisted on their helpless employees, thereby proactively defending against charges of racism and potential litigation.  The obnoxious anti-white struggle...(Read Full Post)
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