Trump forces Rep. Ilhan Omar into revealing her true colors on Muslim matters

For a while there, Rep. Ilhan Omar and some of her Muslim allies in Congress were jumping up and down to condemn leftist television host Joy Reid for some "casual" anti-Muslim remarks, about "the way Muslims act."

Omar demanded an apology for the "casual Islamophobia"...

Then President Trump, master troll, got involved:

And just like that, Omar changed her tune:

Suddenly, Reid was a "strong black woman," and Trump's condemnation of Reid's anti-Islamic ravings, identical to Omar's, was "fascist solidarity."

Funny how she changed her tune when Trump got her going, forcing her to show her true colors.  Trump's always the bad guy to her, and Trump knew it, so for that, Joy Reid suddenly got lionized.

That made Omar look kind of like a shape-shifter, a phony.

To pick this apart, suddenly insults against Muslims weren't so bad after all.  Given a choice between Trump and an Islamophobe, she'd go with the Islamophobe.

It rather highlights that anti-Trumpism is her real identity; Islam is just convenient window dressing.

Trump managed to call attention to Omar's insincerity — and the fact that her real fealty is to Marxism.

It's been obvious enough in her past — coming from a Marxist family in Somalia's civil war, which got ousted.

Omar herself, despite her Muslim wrappings, used as a vehicle to claim herself a victim, has stood up for abortion, transgender rights, gay "marriage," and other things ordinary Muslims abhor.

Her vivid love life isn't too Muslim, either, her latest amor being some white leftist non-Muslim hipster, which doesn't go down well in Islam, except perhaps among the pasha classes.

There's also the report that she was photographed carrying a six-pack of beer.

Nope, her fealty is to Marxism, far-left-wingery.  When that ox is gored, Omar stands up, whipping out the yells of "fascist."

She's no Muslim.  She's a Marxist.  Marxism trumps everything for her, including Islamophobia.  Funny how it took Trump to rat that act out.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of screen shot from shareable Rep. Ilhan Omar Facebook Live video.

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