Three interesting videos you should see because they raise important issues

There's an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  That's true, and what's just as true is that a video is worth ten thousand words.  Or at least, these videos provide more content than I could ever could.  One makes you appropriately worried about tech tyrants and bureaucratic censorship, the other gives you hope that Trump has the wind at his back, and the third levels one of the more stupid anti-Trump arguments leftists keep making.  (You'll be intellectually armed next time you hear that argument.)

The first video is the most important.  If you're a regular American Thinker reader, you know that Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Hong Kong virologist, is accusing the Chinese military of having manufactured the Wuhan virus in a lab.  She also believes that China deliberately released the virus to destabilize the world.

We currently don't know if Dr. Yan's assertions are true.  However, her professional qualifications suggest that when it comes to determining whether the virus is man-made, she's a reputable source.

Tucker Carlson had Dr. Yan on his Tuesday night show to talk about her conclusions.  I didn't post it because it echoed much of what I'd already written here.

However, on his Wednesday night show, Carlson went back to Dr. Yan's interview.  He wasn't being repetitious.  Instead, Carlson used Dr. Yan's claims as the springboard for a vital segment about how the tech tyrannies are suppressing the free flow of information about the virus, both its origin and potential treatments.  Carlson also discussed how U.S. health bureaucrats, often working with the tech tyrants, have stifled information and treatments.

As you think about the tech tyrants, keep in mind that none of them silenced the unfounded claim that Trump's refusal to panic Americans caused excess American deaths.  Why do I say the claim is unfounded?  I say it because no one has asked what would have been done differently if Trump had panicked.

Trump immediately closed the borders while Biden was still talking about xenophobia.  Trump then followed every bit of advice from Fauci and his team.  When they said "no masks," Trump acquiesced.  When they did a U-turn on masks, he acquiesced, too.  He even accepted the lockdown, despite knowing what it would do to the economy.  In addition, he cut through regulations and partnered with private industry to flood-stricken areas with supplies at a speed we haven't seen since America become the arsenal of democracy during World War II.

So for all those whining about Trump's principled decision to remain calm in an emergency, one has to ask them what they would have done if, instead, he'd run around screaming, "We're all going to die!"

The next video is about the power and energy behind the Biden campaign.  You may have seen all those car and boat parades supporting Trump.  If not, here's a little refresher:



Biden’s campaign theme is that anything Trump can do he can do better, whether it’s growing the economy, curing the Wuhan virus, or bringing peace to the Middle East. His campaign therefore set about proving that it can bring more energy and dynamism to those car parades too. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Biden car parade (with Joe’s wife and Kamala’s husband there to wave them along):

I'm still breathless from all that Harris/Biden energy.

The last video shows Dinesh D'Souza addressing the relentless and ill informed claim that Trump is a fascist.  D'Souza makes points all of us should know the next time a Democrat makes that accusation:



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