This gathering had 365K people. How many of them did COVID kill?

I've been riding motorcycles for more than forty years.  I've owned two Harleys, a Honda, a Kawasaki, a Royal Enfield, and a Yamaha.  

In 1993, my wife Mary and I visited her brother at Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, South Dakota.  It was a few days before the official opening of the Sturgis Rally, so I cajoled her into visiting Sturgis (by car) out of curiosity.

It was an interesting experience.  But since I don't like crowds, and my vices are few, I decided that the event was not on my "bucket list."

I currently own a 2003 Anniversary Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, which I rode (not trailered) about 1,100 miles each way to the Harley 100th celebration in 2003 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Crowd estimates were 200,000 plus riders, which the press thought was enormous.  

And there were few, if any disturbances — except some "booing" when a surprise guest, Elton John, appeared on stage...

Why the introduction?

News flash!  It's been about two weeks since the end of the Sturgis gathering — August 16.  About 365,000 (!) attended, most without masks and with close social contact in the street, in bars, other places, and very few arrests...

As of September 2nd, the media reported that one (that's not a typo) person has died from the coronavirus from the Sturgis event.  He was in his 60s with underlying conditions.  Another 260 infections have been reported elsewhere.  That's right: 260 infections out of 365,000 attendees.

Am I missing something here?

Don’t get me wrong.  I do believe that the pandemic is real.  I do believe that over 175,000 people have died primarily from the coronavirus.  But a significant number were very elderly, and most, including the elderly, had underlying conditions.  No, I am not heartless — just rational.

Regarding Sturgis, I have some questions for the experts and the press:

How many participants didn't make it home safely do to fatal accidents?

How many participants died of natural causes in the interim?

How many participants died from drugs or alcohol?

How many participants caught a V.D. or some other social disease?

The press doesn't report such things — either it's politically incorrect or it simply does not support the pandemic narrative.

I am also upset that the medical experts do not agree on the cause, effect, treatment, or solutions.  Their only response is to wear a mask, keep a six-foot distance from others, and wash your hands.  This is not very encouraging advice from learned individuals.

Bottom line: The pandemic is real.  Many people have died.  Many jobs have been lost.  Many schools are shuttered.  But let's not panic — other medical conditions and diseases are just as potent, and in some cases worse.  Let's be rational in our approach and reporting.