The Washington Post has a ludicrous spin on Trump's debating skills

The first presidential debate is scheduled to begin in four days, when Trump and Biden take the stage in Cleveland to answer questions from Fox News's Chris Wallace.  The biggest question of all is whether Biden will show up or suddenly come down with the Wuhan virus.  The second biggest question is whether, if Biden does show, he'll be functional.  The Washington Post confesses that people close to Biden are worried, but that fear is assuaged with the ludicrous claim that Trump won't be able to handle tough questions, either — because he never gets them! As we near the first 2020 presidential debate, Biden is the invisible man.  Thomas Lifson has advanced the credible theory that Biden's campaign is trying to alter his circadian rhythm.  If, as people speculate, Biden has dementia, he's going to be prone to sundowning, which means that, as the day draws to a close, he could become...(Read Full Post)
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