The lack of Breonna Taylor indictments triggered riots all over the place

In June and July, it was still news (kind of) whenever we read that leftist mobs, inspired by anti-white racism and anti-American hatred, ran riot in the streets, screaming, destroying people's businesses, and attacking anyone who got in their way, especially police officers.  By now, it's predictable and, while disturbing, it's also dull.  It's become a dog bites man story.

It was to be expected that the mobs would start to riot in Louisville.  Indeed, practically within minutes of Daniel Cameron announcing that none of the police involved in Breonna Taylor's death would be charged for her death and that just one police officer would have to face a reckless endangerment charge for allegedly discharging his gun carelessly, the mob was on the move.

Note, please, that this was no random mob.  This was a carefully organized and well financed mob:

Well-stocked U-Haul vans, ready with all the supplies a mob needs to destroy a city, don't come cheap.  It is to be hoped that the FBI is already following the money and working with the DOJ to charge with sedition those funding the mobs.  Sedition can be punished with up to twenty years in federal prison.

The mob threatened people in their homes, set fires, and attacked innocent businesses.  Here are just a few videos from the intrepid Shelby Talcott:

Louisville, however, was prepared for the rioting.  Unlike Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and a host of other über-leftist cities, Louisville did not tell its police to stand down.  Instead, it put a curfew in place, brought out lots of police, and called in the National Guard:

Despite all this planning, a Black Lives Matter protester succeeded in shooting two police officers, both of whom (thankfully) will survive.  Louisville will likely survive, too, thanks to its proactive policies.  It will not burn like Kenosha.

Meanwhile, the usual protests are taking place in other U.S. cities because that's what the Democrat party's paramilitary mob does:

Hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Chicago and various neighborhoods around the city to protest the lack of charges directly connected to Breonna Taylor's shooting death.


People protesting a grand jury's decision not to indict any police officers directly for the fatal shooting of a Black woman in Kentucky have rallied in U.S. cities including New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and Philadelphia.


Demonstrators packed a New York City plaza. Chanting "Say her name, Breonna Taylor," the crowd then started marching in downtown Brooklyn, past onlookers and honking cars. They were accompanied by musicians, setting a steady drum beat.

News outlet CNN showed marchers in Philadelphia. And a video on Twitter posted by a WJLA reporter in the Washington, D.C., area showed protesters marching in the nation's capital chanting "Black Lives Matter!"

As always, you can find excellent photo essays at the Daily Mail.

President Trump is praying for the police officers who were shot and promising to help Gov. Beshear stop the rioting:

And what about Biden and Harris, who want to lead America starting in 2020?  They're all in...for the mob.  Even though the police did nothing wrong, these two panderers "are calling for policing reform."

Americans have two choices on November 3: stand with law and order, which means a straight Republican ticket, or forever yield to the mob.  We must hope they choose wisely.

Image: The Black Lives Matter U-Haul. Twitter screen grab.