The Arab League seems determined to get Trump that Nobel Peace Prize

In 2009, the Nobel Committee decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama as a way of encouraging him to do something peaceful.  As it happened, Obama was an exceptionally un-peaceful president, using drones to kill civilians, starting a war in Libya that turned it into a hellhole, creating a vacuum in the Middle East that ISIS filled, failing to support the Green Revolution in Iran, and passively presiding over the disastrous and deadly "Arab Spring."

In 2021, the Committee will have before it the choice of one man who really does seem to be bringing peace to the world.  Donald Trump negotiated the UAE's recognition of Israel, the first significant step toward Middle East peace in almost three decades.  No wonder Christian Tybring-Gjedde nominated Trump for his role in negotiating that agreement.

The mainstream media are already doing their best to destroy Trump's chances by making sure everyone knows that Tybring-Gjedde is a "far right" figure.

CBS: "A far-right Norwegian lawmaker said Wednesday that he has nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the Middle East."

MSN/The Guardian: "A Norwegian far-right MP has nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel peace prize for a second time, citing his role in the normalising of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates."

Yahoo/The Week went the extra mile to denigrate the whole idea:

President Trump's Nobel Peace Prize nomination is not as big of a deal as he's making it out to be.

On Wednesday, far-right Norwegian politician Christian Tybring-Gjedde announced he was nominating Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his apparent work to "create peace between nations," especially in the Middle East. Trump's biggest supporters and Trump himself quickly started celebrating the nomination, seemingly forgetting that Tybring-Gjedde also put Trump's name on the list in 2018, and that one of hundreds of other nominees will likely actually prevail.

Even though Hitler was a far-left socialist, it's clear that the media are trying to tie Trump to Hitler through Tybring-Gjedde.  They don't seem to realize that Hitler would never have brokered a peace deal between Israel and an Arab country, a mutually beneficial agreement that makes the world's only Jewish state a safer place.

The problem for all these leftist outlets is that the Arab countries don't seem to agree with them that the Israel-UAE treaty is a bagatelle without important consequences.  On Wednesday, the Arab League refused to side with the Palestinians when the latter tried to denigrate the deal:

The Arab League on Wednesday failed to pass a resolution proposed by the Palestinian Authority (PA) which would have condemned the normalization deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Times of Israel reports.

"After a three-hour debate, some Arab countries refused to include [a] statement condemning [the UAE] for abandoning Arab decisions. Additionally, they struck out a clause which discussed the trilateral agreement" between the UAE, the US, and Israel, the PA representative to the Arab League, Muhannad al-Aklouk, was quoted as having told the Ma'an news agency.

Senior Arab League official Hussam Zaki said, "Discussion around this point was serious and comprehensive. But it did not lead to agreement over the resolution proposed by the Palestinians."


An Arab League condemnation of the Israel-UAE deal seemed unlikely from the start, since several Arab states such as Egypt and Bahrain have expressed public or tacit support for the deal.

Trump did something more extraordinary than most people realize: He skipped the typical bartering-style negotiation, which has ended up going nowhere for decades. Instead, he marginalized the Palestinians.

Since coming to the White House, every time the Palestinians balked, instead of throwing more on the table, Trump took more off the table.  They lost Jerusalem, and they lost the Golan Heights, but the world didn't end, and the Arabs, who like winners (as we all do), looked at the Palestinians, whom they've long despised as troublemakers, and thought, "You're the past; a profitable peace with Israel is the future."

That is how peace happens and why Trump deserves the prize.

Image: Alfred Nobel, public domain.

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