Thanks to Dems and their media allies, Trump-haters feel free to physically attack us

I always used to wonder how it was that Germany allowed thugs in the street — Hitler's Sturmabteilung (SA) plus many spontaneously activated violent mobs and individuals — to operate so freely.  Prior to Hitler's takeover, after all, it was a democracy and a very advanced nation, scientifically, culturally, and economically.  And that is what deluded many Jews and many regime opponents to wait until too late to flee.

But now I watch as my beloved homeland is allowing violence as a "tactic" to proliferate, and not just the mob violence of BLM and Antifa "activists" trashing cities, large and small.  I still cling to some hope that the DoJ is gathering evidence and tracing financial and other ties so that those who appear to have supplied rioters with pallets of bricks and stones may be prosecuted.

But it is the random "activists," people of low intelligence and sophistication, who now feel entitled to act with violence against Trump-supporters because they have been told over and over that he is "literally Hitler" and that the top-ranking Democrat in the land, Nancy Pelosi, violated decorum and the law by ripping up the official transcript of the State of the Union address on camera, sending the message that the rules don't apply to those opposing Trump.

The video in the tweet below disturbs me tremendously because I can see it being re-enacted over and over again by people who believe that it is perfectly legitimate to employ violence.

The casual certitude with which the man acts is what bothers me the most.  He has no hesitation because he believes he is fighting implacable evil.

Of course, this is far from isolated.  Even children are victimized as allies of Satan:

The perps in this case have been charged with hate crimes.  May the perp who trashed the Trump merchandise table face a similar set of charges!  Prison sentences are the only way to arrest this slide toward government by thuggery.

Hat tip: Twitchy.

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