Serbia and Kosovo agree to name disputed lake on their border 'Lake Trump'

Nothing better symbolizes the peacemaking achievements of President Donald Trump than the reported agreement of Serbia and Kosovo to name a disputed lake on their border after the man who brought them together, overcoming centuries of conflict between a Christian-majority and a Muslim-majority nation.

First reported in the English-language version of Gazeta Express, a Kosovo-based publication, the naming emerged out the successful discussions mediated by Ric Grenell to normalize economic relations between the two nations.  That agreement, which also resulted in Kosovo's agreement to normalize relations with Israel and Serbia's agreement to move its embassy to Jerusalem, resulted in Trump's second nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Gazeta Express writes:

An idea that started as a joke for the Ujman Lake, which Serbs refer to as Gazivoda, to find a compromise name seems to be taking shape. During the negotiations at the White House, the US Presidential envoy for the dialogue, Richard Grenell, gave the idea to name the lake after Trump.

Initially everybody laughed with the idea. But not today. Gazeta Express has learned that  Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah  Hoti expressed his readiness to support Grenell's idea at a meeting with him. The same idea was endorsed also by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at another meeting. 

The debate, and later the Agreement, about Ujman Lake have triggered a wave of reactions in Kosovo. Kosovo has reached an agreement with the US for the State Department to carry out a feasibility study on how to share the lake's resources.

Here is Ric Grenell's tweet celebrating the agreement to adopt his suggestion:

If President Obama had accomplished something like this (please stop laughing!), the media would celebrate him nonstop for a week.  But because they are dishonest and corrupt, they will ignore it or bury any notice.

On the other hand, where it counts, this will be noticed:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. —Matthew 5:9

Photo credit: Twitter.

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