Republicans are knocking it out of the park with political ads and memes

It was already obvious comparing the two conventions: even though the Democrats own the actors, they don't own the true creative talent in Hollywood.  That all seems to have crossed to the Republican side of the aisle.  The Democrat convention was drab and oppressive; the Republican convention was bright and open.  It's the same thing with ads and memes.  As far as I know, there are no incredible, knock-it-out-of-the-park Democrat videos.  The Republicans, though, are killing it.  Here are four of the best.

First, here's an ad out of Texas showcasing six conservatives running for the House.  It is, bar none, the most creative, enjoyable political ad I've ever seen.  It's also quintessentially American and Texan.  For the sheer pleasure of this ad, Dan Crenshaw, Wesley Hunt, Genevieve Collins, Beth Van Duyne, Tony Gonzales, and August Pfluger should all win their races:

Second, here's a wonderful video meme.  A listener caught a Coffee with Scott Adams episode in which Adams talked about how doing the impossible is a unique American trait.  Moreover, he said that Trump, especially, is a master of the impossible.  The video pulls together Adams's talk with a whole lot of American impossibilities and ends by suggesting the most possible impossibility of them all:

Third, here's another meme video that highlights, amusingly, how ridiculous Biden is.  He has no idea what he's saying.  He'll read and misread anything on the teleprompter or, perhaps, the words are fed into his brain via a small earpiece — who knows?

And fourth, here is a video that many of you have probably seen before, but it's so darn good.  This is the second video from Kimberly Klacik, who's running for Baltimore's House seat.

Klacik's first video showed her in a red dress walking through the ruin that is Baltimore.  It was powerful.  This second is even better.  This time, she's walking the same streets, but she's wearing white and, through computer animation, is showing us what she'll do for Baltimore if she's given a chance to bring conservative values to that once beautiful city:

As I said, we've got the talent.  Now all we need is for every conservative in America to vote.  We've got to show up at the polling places in numbers so strong that post-election fraud cannot defeat us.

Image: Texas House of Representatives joint ad. YouTube screen grab.

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