Proof positive Kamala Harris is a lying phony

Even in a profession known for phoniness, Kamala Harris stands out as remarkably fake.  We expect politicians to lie — "what a beautiful baby!" — but we also expect them to be reasonably skilled at it.  Being unable to convincingly name a favorite thing takes a lot of experience in counterfeiting feelings.

Yet, yesterday, in the softest of softball interviews on CNN, where she was asked about her various "favorites" — roast chicken is her "go-to" dish to cook (as if she spends a lot of time in time in the kitchen wearing an apron that says "kiss the cook") — she stumbled and revealed that she only pretends to listen to rap music.

Of course, liking rap music is believed to be essential to forge an identity as somehow African-American when none of her ancestors ever lived in the United States.  The closest her lineage comes to the experience of slavery is as slave-owners, according to her Jamaican father.  Joe Biden's handlers chose her as his running mate only because her darkish skin tone was supposed to fool blacks into thinking she is one of them and feels the pain of slavery that lies a century and a half in the past.

Watch below as very friendly CNN interviewer Angela Rye asks her to name "the best rapper alive."

She answers, "Tupac" and gives that slightly hysterical laugh she uses all the time.

Rye screws up her face and seems genuinely taken aback, saying emphatically, "He's not alive!"

YouTube screen grab.

After a couple of seconds, anticipating a dodge, she adds, "You say he lives on..."

And then, perhaps realizing that she may have just revealed the awful truth about the bogus blackness, hastens to add, "Listen, West Coast girls think Tupac lives on."

Tupac Shakur was killed almost a quarter-century ago.  Even stuffy old white guys like me know that he is dead, dead, dead.

I think the Trump campaign needs to paint Harris as both the real presidential candidate and as a transparent phony.  Video ads showing her completely phony masquerade here can help turn young black males in particular against her.

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