Progs furious at MSNBC's 'historic first' black weekday evening host, Joy Reid

I understated the case when I called MSNBC's host Joy Reid an "embarrassing ignoramus" four years ago.  It's one thing to spout Hamas propaganda, get her facts all wrong about Hillary Clinton's email scandal, or even lie about people hacking her blog posts to evade responsibility for what she wrote.  It's quite another to imply anything negative about Muslims on MSNBC's programming.  Even if spreading the latest phony progressive talking point that Trump-supporters are responsible for the BLM/Antifa riots...because they are acting the way "Muslims act."

Twitter video screen grab.

Cue the outrage:


Zakir Khan, board chair of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oregon, said the MSNBC star's remarks were "so unbelievably Islamophobic it's ridiculous," asking whether she planned to apologize for the way she "stereotype[d] an entire group of Muslims."

Civil rights organization Muslim Advocates, meanwhile, called on Reid to apologize on air Tuesday night for "spreading the false, dangerous myth that Muslims are inherently radical and violent." The group also said the network also "needs to take action to ensure anti-Muslim bigotry has no place on its network."

"Whoa. Joy Ann Reid says that 'Muslim leaders... talk a lot of violent talk & encourage their supporters... to commit violence' and goes on to compare 'the way Muslims act' to Trump and his supporters," tweeted HuffPost reporter Rowaida Abdelaziz, who covers Islamophobia and social-justice issues. "What a terrible, dangerous, & completely inaccurate analogy to make."

Sen. Bernie Sanders' former campaign press secretary Briahna Joy Gray, meanwhile, questioned the way Reid generalized about how "nearly 1/4 of the world population acts."

AJ+ producer and host Sana Saeed called Reid's remarks "appalling," adding that the host "just throws out 'Muslim leaders' encouraging 'their followers' to 'use their bodies to inflict violence' (which leaders?)" before comparing "'how Muslims act'  to American white nationalist radicalization." And Jacobin staff writer Luke Savage described Reid's remarks as "racism plain and simple," saying the "subtext is more or less that Trump is 'radicalizing' his supporters, just like the barbarians do."

MSNBC took a gamble when it plucked Reid from the ratings hell of weekend mornings to replace Chris Matthews in its prized 7 P.M. weekday time slot.  Matthews had  "resigned" following pressure over remarks and behavior criticized as sexist, and after rotating various substitutes through guest hosting, the network opted for another "historic first" with the first black cable news host of a weekday evening show.

 It's interesting that nobody seems to be calling for her firing, which I attribute to "historic first privilege."