President Trump may be battered by the waves, but he will not sink

The Democrats continue to beclown themselves with each passing and moronic attempt to turn the president's supporters against him.  The list of their failed endeavors is by now too long.  It began with the Russia collusion hoax that was always ridiculous and continued this week with a couple of new phony attacks.

The Atlantic weighed in with a slew of lies this week, and when the truth was revealed by the people who were there, Trump-haters then grabbed onto Bob Woodward's book as the story that would take the man down.  In between, there was the phony impeachment, now revealed to have been instigated by the odious Alexander Vindman and latched onto by the even more detestable and dishonest Adam Schiff.

Trump's detractors in the media and in the Democrat party have taken their Trump-hatred from the absurd to the imbecilic.  They will not sway a single Trump-supporter and are likely driving many sane Democrats to the GOP.  The president's support among blacks and Hispanics is proof of this trend, much to the credit of Candace Owens and her Blexit movement and Brandon Straka's Walk Away campaign. 

Has the Democrat party learned a thing?  Nope!  Democrats' heads remain buried in the sand, their fingers in their ears.  They refuse to acknowledge any legitimacy to voices on the right.  So self-righteous is the left that its members truly believe they are the smartest people in any room, on any news outlet, in any publication of which they approve.  All other opinions are simply disregarded as nonsense.

This refusal to confer any respect or merit to the many millions of conservatives who voted for the president and continue to support him will be their undoing.  As Edmund Burke warned, "whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."  The left is in for a crashing on the shoals of the majority of Americans who love their country and do not want to see it transformed into a Venezuela or Cuba. 

What ails the left is that leftists believe everything they think, and their thinking is characterized by pomposity and intolerance.  One has to look no farther than Twitter to be clobbered by the gross intolerance of Democrats.  They are rude, profane, wholly without manners or grace.

There are the vicious rioters in the streets whom the Democrats refuse to condemn, and there are the equally vicious boors who drive the contempt in which social media is drowning.  Those often anonymous haters hide behind their not so clever handles like schoolyard bullies who cry for their mothers if their true identities are discovered.  That's when they cry "racism," or "white supremacy," or "white privilege," even if, as most of them are, they are white.  There is nothing more absurd than watching a young white female carrying a Black Lives Matter sign shouting obscenities in the face of a black policeman to illustrate the depth of the left's vacuity.

Anyone paying attention realizes that the left is floundering, desperate, because leftists know that Biden is an illegitimate and failed candidate.  He has failed as a member of the D.C. establishment for forty-seven years.  No one can name a single positive accomplishment of Biden's while there are numerous embarrassing incidents — his episodes of plagiarism; his many, many lies about his own family background and résumé; his vicious abuse of Clarence Thomas; and his lifelong use of his position to enrich himself and his family.

Biden is not a good man.  He is not a man of substance or achievement, nor does he have a shred of actual honor.  As for his wife, the (not a medical) Doctor Jill, she should be hoist with her own petard for putting her obviously failing husband through a campaign over which he is clearly unfit to preside or lead.  There is a special place in hell for Dr. Jill, an Edith Wilson wannabe.

As for the Democrat party itself and its handmaidens in the media, one may be reminded of the line from the film The Hunt for Red October, when the Russian sub commander, seeking to hunt down and kill the sub commander who has defected to the West, has made an egregious error in judgment: "You arrogant ass!  You've killed us."  This seems an apt line to describe the mainstream media — CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, even Fox News of late, and of course the remains of the NYT, the WaPo, and the rest of the failing print media who are all dedicated leftists in tone and conviction.

Clearly journalism, as once practiced by those outlets, is dead, dead, dead.  Those long-indoctrinated journalism majors who got hired out of J-school are ignorant of history, mind-numbed lackeys of their radical professors who sent them out to do their bidding.  Ask one of them about American history before they were born, and you'll get a blank look that suggests they are not aware of any such thing!  Their knowledge of the world began the day they entered college so they are easily duped by the false narratives like The 1619 Project without question or jump on board Vicki Osterweil's A Defense of Looting without a qualm.

Those J-school professors who so carefully indoctrinated their students to go out and bring an end to capitalism, for example, did those students a grave disservice; they purposefully never taught them to think critically. All this is a pathetic end to the once liberal, not radical, party of JFK. It has been captured by the socialist/communist left that is authoritarian at its core. Their petty tyrants like Cuomo, DeBlasio, Whitmer, Newsom, Pritzker, Murphy, Wolf, etc. are showing their true colors: essentially, "We have the power and can and will tell you what you can and cannot do." This is the who the left is today.

The economic lockdown should have ended months ago. The curve was flattened. No hospitals were overrun. Trump engineered the production of enough ventilators for the whole world. We now know exactly who were and are most vulnerable to the virus. We know now that hydroxychloroquine, if administered early, can absolutely stem the course of the disease. The left's and Fauci's refusal to get on board with this therapeutic probably cost thousands of lives. Because Trump mentioned its possible usefulness, the left had to refute it, but they were wrong.

When Trump banned flights from China at the end of January, Biden and Pelosi condemned him. Now they blame him for every death. Gov. Cuomo is a disgrace; he personally caused the deaths of countless elderly people and yet has the gall to blame Trump even though the President provided everything Cuomo demanded and then did not make use of – the hospital ship and the field hospitals.

Cuomo, like DeBlasio, is a plague on New York; they have literally killed their state's economy and for what? To defeat Trump. That's their plan in a nutshell. They care not a bit for the people of New York. They only want to defeat the President. From now until Election Day, they will invent a new scandal a day and not one of them will take hold.

The city of Paris has a motto: fluctuat nec mergitur. It means "Beaten by the waves but never sinks. The coat of arms usually includes a ship at sea. It vividly suggests resilience, courage and inner strength.


The phrase accurately describes Donald Trump. Since he announced his candidacy, he was set upon by an hysterical media who incessantly mocked the man. But he won. Despite the media's crusade to destroy him, he has prevailed and will likely be re-elected; success breeds success and he has indeed succeeded in fulfilling most of his pledges to the people. The media and the Democrat party have over these past four years disgraced themselves. They've endlessly beaten and battered this president, but he will not sink.

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