President Trump is acting as if Nevada is up for grabs

In the last three presidential elections, Nevada has been a solidly Democrat state.  Even now, polling shows Biden slightly ahead in Nevada.  President Trump, though, thinks Nevada is up for grabs.  He blew through Nevada over the weekend, like an energetic tornado, holding a rally in tiny Minden, Nevada, near both Lake Tahoe and Reno, and in Henderson, near Las Vegas.

The following polling chart for Nevada, from Real Clear Politics, shows that Nevada is technically a Biden state.  It's noteworthy, though, that Biden's lead has dropped by 50% between January and September.  Additionally, Biden's lead in the latest poll is within the 5.3 margin of error:

With Biden's lead tiny to nonexistent, it's no wonder that Trump thought Nevada was worth a visit.  On Saturday night, after only 24 hours warning, he showed up in tiny Minden, Nevada, which is strategically located near Lake Tahoe (which straddles the California-Nevada border) and Reno, Nevada.  Trump had originally planned to speak at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, but Governor Steve Sisolak's directives against large indoor gatherings (something that hasn't applied to casinos) blocked that plan.

The Minden location was a last-minute find, and attendees had only 24 hours' warning about the change in plan.  They did not let that stop them.  This is Reno reports:

For hours leading up to and following the event, US 395 in and around Minden was clogged with traffic. Several thousand vehicles were parked along the highway and tightly packed into a nearby field. Rally attendees loaded onto buses to finish the last few miles of their journey to the Minden airport, where Trump spoke on the tarmac.

This was the line for the rally:

One of American Thinker's readers attended the rally:

Wildly exceeded expectations. Absolutely massive crowd. Allegedly 25k but looked bigger to me. Closer to an SF pride parade size. Almost all cars where we parked had CA plates, but plenty of others like Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho...

The Donald absolutely on fire. Ripped on the press. “Disgusting human beings.” Crowd adored him for it. Spoke just over 100 mins. Usual rhetoric but delivered with passion and fury.

Awesome crowd. Super friendly, diverse, inclusive, happy. Not the slightest conflict, even with a few token protesters - who were simply laughed at. 

Incredible logistical operation. The traveling circus swooped in, set up, delivered, then started packing - flawless. Secret service in huge abundance. Nothing but respect from attendees. Truly impressive. 

Made great new friends among the crowd. Super sociable and so happy to be there among friends. Some superbly innovative tee-shirts on display. Couldn't resist a selfie with a drag-queen-for-Trump. 

Dems just don't get Trump fans at all. It's 100% grassroots. Blue-collar, white-collar, every diversity. All loving America and the giant tent of welcome therein. 

The major takeaway: beware election fraud, show up for the vote, stay for the count. Crowd incandescent on that. We shall see if the self-selecting sample represents the broader population as it did in 2016.

From Minden, Trump held an indoor rally in a warehouse in Henderson, outside Las Vegas, another last-minute venue.  During the rally, which had thousands of happy attendees, Trump lambasted Governor Sisolak:

“You have a governor right now who is a political hack,” Trump told the audience. “Tell your governor to open up your state, by the way. Open up your state.”

When Democrats, predictably, insisted that Trump was trying to kill people by having an indoor rally, his campaign was ready with a response:

Once again, the Democrats are blind to what's happening here.  They don't understand that, even though voters answering their phone to pollsters might say they want Biden, the energy all runs to Trump.  What we see with Biden is not the energy that brings people out to vote:

No wonder the Democrats are so gung-ho for, voting by mail.  It's their only hope as Trump brings peace to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia next?); jump-starts the economy; builds his wall; and, after the election, will surely end the lawlessness taking over too many American communities.

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