Polish-American voters are key to re-electing President Trump

Polish-American voters were key to helping President Trump win the White House in 2016.

Polish-Americans make up approximately 10% of the populations of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and vote larger than their numbers, accounting for almost 15% of the total vote in those states. 

President Trump flipped those three normally Democrat states in 2016, winning all of them by less than 1% of the vote.  He won an estimated 70 to 75% of the Polish-American vote in 2016.  Without those votes, he would not have won those three states critical to his election. 

A massive Polish-American vote in 2020 with more than 70% voting for President Trump will enable him to win these three essential states again and return to the White House for a second term. 

Polish-American voters will also be essential for any chance Trump has to win the states of Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, and possibly even Illinois.  Polish-American voters make up more than 7% of the population of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois and 4% of Florida. 

Polish-American voters, in addition, make up more than 7% of the population of New York State.  President Trump has an outside chance of winning the State of New York because of the outrage many New Yorkers feel about the incompetence, left-wing extremism, and oppressive lockdown restrictions of New York's governor and New York City's mayor.  Polish-American voters are key to any possible Trump upset in New York. 

Further, Polish-American voters constitute approximately 4% of the swing-state populations of Minnesota, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada.  They can make the difference for Trump-Pence in 2020. 

Polish-American voters have every reason to vote in even greater numbers and percentages for President Trump in 2020 than they did in 2016.

Donald Trump has proven himself to be a historic president as regards Poland's relationship with America and the interests of Polish-Americans. 

President Trump's rousing speech in Warsaw in July 2017 was the greatest defense of Western civilization and the most resounding statement of Poland's historic role in the defense of freedom ever made by a world leader.

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan in alliance with Pope John Paul II and Margaret Thatcher helped inspire the Polish people to bring down the Iron Curtain and free Poland and all of Eastern Europe from the oppression and destitution of communism.  President Trump has augmented Reagan's actions by making America Poland's foremost ally and joining with Warsaw in an alliance against globalism and the consequent loss of national sovereignty.

In the 2016 campaign, President Trump won the attention and respect of more than 10 million Polish-American voters by personally meeting with more than 100 Polish-American civic leaders at the Polish National Alliance headquarters in Chicago on September 25, 2016. 

That three-hour give-and-take captured the attention of Polish-Americans and won their respect.  It received massive media attention in Polish-American media and in Poland itself.  It triggered an enormous turnout of Polish-Americans, and as much as 75% of their votes went to Donald Trump.

Our organization, Polish Americans for Trump, is now actively organizing a new major give-and-take meeting between President Trump and leaders of the Polish-American community.  One of the three battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan will likely be the venue for the upcoming event.  

Polish-Americans are predominantly Catholic and one of the strongest pro-life ethnic coalitions in the U.S.  President Trump has become the greatest pro-life president in recent American history and is fighting relentlessly to defend the rights of the unborn. 

Polish Americans for Trump proudly honors the gallantry of Count Casimir Pulaski, "Father of the American Cavalry," and Tadeusz Kosciuszko, architect of the American defenses at West Point and Saratoga, both of whom contributed mightily to our victory in the Revolutionary War.  Pulaski was mortally wounded leading a cavalry charge during the Battle of Savannah.

On August 15 of this year, Poland and America commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the historic 1920 Battle of Warsaw, Poland's decisive victory in its war with Bolshevik Russia.  With the help of the Kosciuszko Squadron, volunteer American fighter pilots repaying our Revolutionary War debt to Kosciuszko and Pulaski, the depleted Polish army smashed the Bolsheviks at the gates of Warsaw and saved Europe from a Marxist onslaught. 

Polish-Americans well know the deprivation, oppression, and thuggery of Marxism, either having experienced it firsthand or through the experiences of family members.  We know that Polish-Americans can help defeat the current domestic surge of Marxist revolutionaries by turning out in record numbers again and voting for freedom, liberty, Western civilization, the American Constitution and way of life, and President Trump. 

William Ciosek is co-chair of Polish Americans for Trump, a founding member of the Foundation to Illuminate America's Heroes, co-founder of Genesis Productions, and co-producer of a major motion picture being developed about the Kosciuszko Squadron.  To learn more, please visit www.illuminateamericasheroes.com.

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