People are misreading the New York Times' article about Trump's taxes

The New York Times claims that it has obtained Trump's individual and business tax documents going back over twenty years, a "trove" containing mountains of data.  Trump denied the charges, but the left ignored him.  However, an astute Twitter user noted something that others missed: while the Times wrote the report to imply that Trump paid only $750 in taxes for several years, a careful reading reveals that Trump did pay millions in taxes, plus an additional $750.

On Sunday, the New York Times published a lengthy article based on Donald Trump's personal and business taxes.  It bears repeating here that this was grossly illegal conduct on the part of the person who gave the Times these taxes and, quite possibly, on the part of the Times itself, which, at the very least, aided and abetted a felony.  But to get to the point, the main thing every Trump-hater (and some Trump-supporters) took from the article is that Trump, the billionaire, paid only $750 in taxes for a couple of years.

Trump vigorously denied that charge and said he'd paid millions.  The Biden campaign, however, ran hard with that $750 concept:

The problem with this whole $750 mantra is that Trump is correct and everyone shouting $750 is wrong.  Trump didn't pay only $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017.  He paid $750 in addition to the millions in taxes he paid during those years.

Twitterer Alexandriabrown realized that, although the Times's article is rather obliquely written, it entirely supports Trump's defense against the charge that he paid less in taxes than a teacher, a firefighter, or a nurse.  She also caught that the Times unforgivably peered into the personal financial information of all of Trump's employees, which is an entirely new level of bad conduct:

Let's repeat the bottom line: Trump did what the law allowed.  Trump did not have dealings with the Russians.  Trump did not pay only $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017 but, instead, paid millions in taxes.  And one more thing: Biden, who sat in the Senate for over thirty years, was almost certainly involved in crafting and voting for the laws that enabled Trump to structure his taxes as he did.  If people think Trump paid too little, they need to blame Biden.