Pelosi didn't help her case by getting her stylist to vouch for her

Nancy Pelosi could just have apologized when she was caught violating San Francisco's stringent lockdown rules.  A heartfelt apology is a potent thing.  But that's not Nancy's style.  Instead, she issued a blanket attack against both the salon-owner and her stylist, saying she was the victim of a set-up.  Her stylist, refusing to be made a scapegoat, has now blamed the salon-owner.  Unfortunately for Pelosi, her stylist's explanation of what happened merely highlights how really awful Pelosi's behavior was.

The Pelosi Blow-Dry Scandal arose because Pelosi got her hair washed and blow-dried at a salon that's been forcibly closed because of the Democrats' lockdown obsession.  Not only that, but she was caught on the security camera walking around the salon without a mask.

Erica Kious, the salon owner, took umbrage at the fact that the woman who stridently supports masks was flouting the mask rule.  Kious cared because San Francisco's lockdown rules are so extreme that a salon such as hers, which specializes in coloring, can't function at all now.

San Francisco mandates a face-covering

when you are within 6 feet of people who don't live with you. You will not be allowed to go into a business or public transportation if you are not wearing a face covering.

Personal services, such as hairstylists, may only operate outdoors. Pelosi violated both those rules.

On the very day Pelosi stripped off her mask to get her hair done at a locked down salon, she said Trump, by giving his acceptance speech on the White House lawn with attendees wearing masks on a voluntary basis, "slapped science in the face":

Once the blow-dry video broke, rather than eating humble pie, Pelosi attacked both Kious and her stylist, claiming they had set her up for a fall.  The stylist, who didn't want to take the fall, had his attorney issue a statement saying Kious encouraged stylists to sneak customers into the shop:

DeNardo's statement said Kios has encouraged stylists for months to operate despite shutdown orders.

"Ms. Kious is seen on photographs and video footage styling various clients' hair, ignoring social distancing guidelines, and not wearing protective  equipment (masks), as recently as a few days prior to Speaker Pelosi's arrival at eSalon on August 31, 2020," the statement said.

There is no comparison, however, between Kious's actions and Pelosi's.  The lockdown and masks rules that Pelosi and other Democrats are imposing are destroying people's lives, especially people who own gyms and salons.  These people were pathetically grateful just to be able to conduct business outside last week:

"Our industry is literally collapsing," said Billy Polson, owner of Diakadi Fitness. "And it's all based on the fact that SF Department of Health is not making a rational decision about what's open and what's not able to open right now."

The owner of two salons said wind and smoke make it difficult to do hair outdoors, but she's grateful for the city's revised rules.

"I don't know that I'll be able to operate in a way that's really profitable or beneficial to the business, but at this point, we're so behind on paying our bills that anything is better than nothing," said Katey McKee, owner of Glama-Rama Salon.

Any time a government imposes arbitrary and draconian restrictions on businesses, a black market will develop as people try to remain solvent.  Kious's attempt to allow some work to continue was a desperate attempt to make it possible to put food on the table for herself and her stylists.  It's entirely different — and much worse — when the architect of the economic disaster flouts the rule for no other reason than convenience and entitlement.

Also, if you're wondering why a blow-dry matters so much, rather than being seen (appropriately) as the most stupid issue in America today, it's because Democrats live on visual symbolism.  Who can forget this repellant moment after George Floyd died from a drug overdose or heart attack while in police custody?

If it's symbolism Democrats want, it's symbolism they'll get.  Seeing Nancy violate the rules she repeatedly insists must apply to everyone from the president on down is one powerful symbol.  The fact that this whole episode has revealed how desperate the salon-owner was to salvage her livelihood makes Pelosi's hypocrisy and entitlement all the more symbolic of a government that has become way too powerful.  The American people elected Trump to cut it down to size.

Image: Pelosi gets a blow-dry; publicly available image; adjusted using Pixlr.

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