No mercy for leftists: Fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat now

The death of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has created another political firestorm for the weeks to come.  Since we're so close to the election, doesn't it seem fair for Trump wait until after the election to replace her?

No, Trump should not wait. 

Trump has nothing to lose and everything to gain by replacing RGB before the election.

Some Democrats have brought up Merrick Garland, who was nominated by Obama but failed to become a SCOTUS judge.  The GOP objection was that Obama was in the last six months of his second term, so the upcoming election should decide.  Democrats will be quick to point out this occurrence, labeling it hypocrisy for conservatives to replace RGB when they rejected Garland.

Other leftists urged Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell to lead the way by not filling a SCOTUS seat this close to an election.  One concluded with: "You'd agree with this, especially in light of the Garland precedent, right?" 

Except that's not what happened.  The Merrick Garland circumstance was different because Obama was in his second term, and there would be a new president in six months, no matter the outcome.  In this instance, we might have the same president in six months.  What makes it worse is that Democrats did not set any "precedent" by deciding it wouldn't be fair to fill an open SCOTUS seat only months away from a new presidency — they tried to ram judge Garland down our throats anyway! 

The only reason Garland is not sitting on SCOTUS is because Mitch McConnell and the Senate refused a hearing on Garland.  The rationale was that the Constitution does not require a timeframe to hear the president's SCOTUS nomination, so they waited.  It was not the nobility of Democrats that prevented Merrick Garland from a SCOTUS seat — it was Republicans like McConnell who stopped it.  Some precedent.

After the GOP declined Garland a hearing, the left-wing media went on a full-court press, calling it "obstruction."  The AtlanticSlate, the L.A. TimesU.S. News and World Report — the list goes on for media outlets who claimed that McConnell was obstructing justice.  Go visit any search engine and type "Merrick Garland obstruction," and you'll find a plethora of hit pieces by nearly every major left-wing news network. 

The left is doing everything possible to enable more election fraud to steal the election.  Democrats are preparing to hijack American freedoms and our constitutional government through endless litigation by hiring over 600 lawyers to contest the election results.  We're talking about a Democratic Party that is so fraudulent and corrupt, leftists in the swamp even erased data from 27 cell phones after learning there would be an investigation into the origins of the Russian Collusion hoax.  As Deborah Weiss writes: "ALL of the people whose phones were wiped clean claimed to have had their phones wiped 'by accident.'  Yes, ALL of the people whose phones were wiped clean just 'coincidentally' wiped them clean after they learned that the I.G. was going to conduct an investigation[.]"

Trump has nothing to lose by replacing RGB in the next few weeks.  Sure, the media will huff and puff and go into their "fake outrage" mode.  Yes, the media will call Republicans hypocrites over Merrick Garland, knowing that their Democrat base doesn't know the facts or understand the different circumstances.  Even never-Trump Republicans like Joe Walsh are already making that case. Yes, the media will call Trump a tyrant and dictator — they already do all that. 

The Washington Post is already threatening Americans with violence if Trump wins again.  Democrat groups are already planning for coordinated unrest if Trump wins.  Media figures are already threatening violence and riots if Trump fills RGB's seat — but they're already rioting!  Go ahead and riot; nothing helps the Republican cause like Democrats revealing their true colors. 

I don't want to hear conservatives suggesting that the fair thing to do is to wait until after the election to fill RGB's seat because of Merrick Garland or any other lame excuse.  Sure, we could give them mercy and pat ourselves on the back for taking the high road, but we shouldn't.  We should not relent or give the Democrats any mercy because they have not, and will not, return the favor. 

The people of Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Seattle, and many other cities didn't receive mercy when Democrat activists destroyed their communities and businesses.  Small business–owners didn't receive mercy when left-wing politicians shut them down to hurt Trump.  For years, Republicans have been mercilessly attacked for sporting Trump clothing or putting Trump signs on their property.  Sports fans begging the NFL not to ruin football haven't received any mercy from being inundated with social justice propaganda during the game.  Kyle Rittenhouse and the McCloskeys are fighting absurd litigation against Democrat tyrants for defending themselves against violent leftist mobs.  They know that the charges won't stick, but they are attempting to punish those who resist the left anyway.  A party that celebrates the death of conservatives is devoid of mercy.

I am not suggesting that Republicans cheat or break the rules.  What I am suggesting is that conservatives should reciprocate the mercilessness the left has for Republicans by moving forward with filling RGB's SCOTUS seat.  When Democrats have an opportunity to advance their causes, they take it — always.  Conservatives should do the same. 

We should not give Democrats more motivation to steal the election via voter fraud and endless post-election litigation by upping the stakes with a SCOTUS seat.  The best course of action is to ease the tension by replacing RGB with a new judge pronto.  The outrage that follows will be nothing new. 

Bode Lang is a conservative blogger who produces conservative videos on YouTube.  You can find him at

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