New Biden ad laughably accuses Trump of destroying the US steel industry

One of Joe Biden's recent commercials features "John" — an alleged steelworker (from an unnamed Pennsylvania steel town) who predictably blames the nation's steel woes on Donald Trump.  After making the obligatory claim that he voted for Trump in 2016, he faults Trump for not bringing back the long lost steel industry.  John tells us he is now voting for Joe Biden.  The script is accompanied by black-and-white film of ancient steel mills. A quick review of the facts will show how pathetic this accusation is.  As most Americans know, the steel industry thrived in the United States for many decades.  The disastrous steel strike of 1959 opened the door for foreign steel imports and marked the beginning of a decades-long decline for American steel (Paul Tiffany, The Decline of American Steel, 1988, p. vii).  In 1971, the American steel industry furloughed 100,000 workers (John Hoerr, And the Wolf...(Read Full Post)
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