Media bias will only get worse for Trump as election nears

With Trump rising and now ahead in many betting markets after a stellar convention and more Democrat-induced lawlessness, and Nancy Pelosi's illicit trip to the hair salon and blaming the fallout on the owner, telling voters everything they need to know about the Left's elitism, hypocrisy, failure to take responsibility, and contempt for the public they were elected to serve, the Media once again rush in to try to save the day for the Democrats.

The Atlantic's hit piece on Trump is a new low for a once great magazine.  It demonstrates how far the media will go to try to defeat him.  His actions as president (record funding,  keeping us out of dumb wars, etc.) demonstrate how much he supports the military.

Sadly, I expect we will see more of these bogus trash stories practically every day until the election.

In addition to the fact that Trump has been a good president, the unfair media onslaught against him is one of the reasons that I, formerly a NeverTrump, am firmly in his camp and will do everything I can through donations, consulting, media appearances, and writing to aid his re-election efforts.

Josh Kantrow is a Chicago cyber-security attorney.

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