Meanwhile, back at the UN...

So with the U.S. focused on the "hot legs" video of the Antifa rioter who set himself on fire with his own Molotov cocktail, and the restaurant diners of Rochester chased from their meals by Black Lives Matter rioters, what's going on with the United Nations?

Turns out they've been putting out tweets such as this one:

That's right, they blame men for all the world's problems. 

According to Breitbart's James Delingpole:

According to the United Nations, the "millennia of patriarchy" which gave us, among many other things, the Greek and Roman philosophers, Christianity, the Taj Mahal, Habeas Corpus, the art of the Renaissance, the collected works of Shakespeare and Goethe, Johann Sebastian Bach, penicillin, central heating, air conditioning, the internal combustion engine, and space travel, have actually been damaging to "everyone".

Also, according to the UN, "we all" know this.

Who exactly is this "we", Kemo Sabe?

This drives home that the United Nations is a flaming paper bag of dog doo on America's doorstep.

The outrageousness of the statement goes to show just how unserious the United Nations is and how, in its idleness, it's become a haven for wokesters.

We already know that the United Nations is a haven for the world's idlest people.  They pay no taxes; they draw six-figure salaries; and they can't be fired, no matter what they do.  Getting a U.N. appointment for all of them, on behalf of their country's appointed job slots, is a true sinecure, a political plum, which is why you should look askance at anyone who works for the U.N.  As a result, 90% of nothing, really nothing.  Thomas Lifson noted to me that he had a friend from Japan who retired from the U.N. bureaucracy and called it a horror show of sheer laziness. I myself had a New Zealand friend who worked for the United Nations in the '90s, who told me the tale of a computer technician who refused to cross the street to repair his U.N. land mine office's computer...because crossing the street was too much work, and there was a tiny sprinkling of rain out (and this person hailed from a country where monsoons were normal stuff).  It was emblematic of the work attitude of all the satraps and time-servers embedded in that outfit.

It's been like that for years, with Bangladeshi bureaucrat work practices.  And as Nikki Haley noted in her GOP convention speech, these clowns want you to pay for it.

But now it's getting paired with U.S.-style wokesterliness, derived from Antifa, the U.S. faculty lounges, and the "trained Marxists" of Black Lives Matter, and the result is getting ugly.  Not too long ago, the United Nations retweeted the Antifa banner approvingly.  And this particular tweet was done not by some bored loser buried in the bowels of the U.N., but by the secretary general himself, a Portuguese socialist.

As Delingpole notes (and this was the first thought that occurred to me, too):

That latest tweet screams one message loud and clear: defund the United Nations; have nothing more to do with it; raze every one of its buildings to the ground; sack all its staff; consign it to the dustbin of history.

It's time to get rid of the U.N.  If they're going to be a haven of wokesterliness, on top of the usual third-world shiftlessness, it's time to end it right here and now.  President Trump has a full agenda as he gets ready for his second term.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.