Kimberly Klacik is back with an ad better than the first one

A month ago, few had heard of Kimberly Klacik, a young black woman trying to be Baltimore's representative in Congress.  That all changed when she released a stunning campaign video showing her in a red dress and high heels, striding through Baltimore's derelict streets and explaining her conservative plans for bringing Baltimore back to its former glory.  It would be hard to improve on her first video, but Klacik's done it.  Her latest is even better than her first, and by a wide margin.

Democrats have such a tight hold on Baltimore that it's not clear whether Klacik can beat Rep. Kweisi Mfume.  She already lost to him in the spring when there was a special election to replace the late Rep. Elijah Cummings.  Nevertheless, Klacik's got star power and that matters.  Thanks to her first campaign video, Klacik was one of the speakers at the Republican convention:

Even if Klacik doesn't win, her values are solidly conservative, and she represents an up-and-coming cohort of black people who are rejecting decades of Democrat policies and betrayal.  It helps that she's beautiful (looks matter) and charismatic.

Klacik's looks, her charisma, and her conservative values are all on display in her newest video, which builds on the first video.  Although she's wearing white, not red, the video initially seems like a redo of the original.  However, as Klacik walks through Baltimore's derelict streets and speaks about how her conservative policies will revitalize Baltimore, computer graphics show the broken, dirty, abandoned buildings she walks past come to life again.

Scott Adams, the great persuader, says one of the best methods for persuasion is to allow people to visualize things.  Trump, for example, didn't say he would improve border security, which is abstract.  He said he was going "to build a wall."  In this video, we don't just hear Klacik's plans; we see them.  It's really extraordinary:

We haven't seen Klacik in action as a politician, but we are learning about her: she's intelligent, has strong conservative values, and communicates well.  She also has an eye for talent if her hiring decisions for her ad campaign are anything to go by.  In other words, she's more talented than many who find their way to Congress.

It would be a stunning and remarkable upset if Klacik were to win a seat in the House.  Even if that doesn't happen, though, we're still watching a star being born, someone who can stand next to Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, and a host of other young blacks who are fighting, once again, to leave the Democrat plantation.

(In that vein, I highly recommend that you watch Larry Elder's powerful movie, Uncle Tom.  You can read my interview with Larry here.)

Image: Kimberly Klacik campaign video. Twitter screen grab.

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