Kamala Harris doesn't want to admit the one solid minority box she checks

Oh, the hoopla when Democrat presidential Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to be his running mate.  The identity crowd swooned over Joe's perfect trifecta: black,  Asian, and female.  But wait: there's an authenticity problem lurking here.

When one thinks of a victimized black American, one thinks of slavery, chains, lynchings, segregation, "Deep South," ghettos, gangs, drugs, and generations on welfare in dangerous inner-city ghettos, without a hand up or a way out.

Elvis captures the bleak picture of the stereotypical black victim well.  If it fits, the Democrats did it.  They did it with a welfare system that broke up the theretofore strong black nuclear home.  Instead of a chicken in every pot, perhaps, there was a black loving husband and dad in 70% of intact family homes.  They did it with a system of welfare that paid more for every child born, as long as there was no man in the household.  And they did it with a conglomeration of welfare benefits that gave the broken home the equivalent of more tax-free dollars in assistance than any recipient could dream of earning with attendant tax and Social Security deductions.

Only a short time ago, the city of Philadelphia admitted just this fact.  The average welfare recipient with kids, and no attendant dad, receives from the city the equivalent of $60,000.00 free, and tax-free!

Kamala's father simply doesn't fit Joe's black American stereotype, simply because he is black.  He is an educated man from the island of Jamaica, who immigrated to the United States for doctoral studies in economics and taught at the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and Stanford.  Not too shabby, and definitely not a poster boy for black victimhood.  

As for the Asian half of the pedigree, what's the issue?  Kamala's mother is equally well educated.  She immigrated to the United States, from India, member of an esteemed caste, with a BS she earned at the age of nineteen and  a subsequent doctorate earned  in California.  She is known for her cancer research.  Moreover, Indians, from India, are the most successful immigrant group in the United States.

Admittedly, Kamala's parents broke up in her childhood, but with her mom's pedigree and education, hers was not a deprived upbringing.

Regarding Kamala being a female, ho-hum.  That battle has been waged and won.  

More interesting and novel to the political scene is the box Kamala and Joe have deliberately left unchecked.  That box is Kamala's Jewish husband and his Jewish kids from a prior marriage.  Yes, Jews refuse to play the victim, though through their agonizing history of persecution, ridicule, banning, and decimation, they would certainly be entitled to their own  branch of the victim bush.  Still, they refuse to accept a victim status.

But, heretofore, politicos have proudly proclaimed Jewish blood, tenuous though it might have been, akin to Elizabeth Warren's indigenous blood ties.  

But decidedly not now.  The Democrat party has eschewed all things sniffing of religion, especially all things Jewish.  Sarah Stern, Founder of EMET (and a contributor to American Thinker), has just published an in-depth results of a survey that proves the lamentable results of our anti-Semitic educational system: "Systemic Anti-Semitism Taking Root in Our Students' Minds," September 24, 2020.

To this day, the boxes Joe and Kamala have checked are bogus, and the only true one remains unchecked.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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