Joe Biden has only one person to blame for his poor showing with Hispanics

Since the dawn of Obama, the American media have asserted themselves as rabid, partisan watchdogs advancing the interests of the Democrat party and protecting it against all threats. In terms of the continued success of the American experiment, what the media are doing is dangerous. However, in terms of the humor factor . . . well, lost in all the post-Ginsburg madness was a good laugh: The Washington Post has absolved Biden of the blame for failing to win over Hispanic voters. Instead, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. That statement does not derive from some close textual reading of Henry Olsen’s column in Thursday’s Washington Post. Instead, it’s right there in the title: “Biden’s weakness among Hispanics is not his fault. It’s Trump.” You and I, talking amongst ourselves, might have come up with multiple reasons for Hispanics falling out of love with the Democrat presidential candidate. They might be unimpressed with his...(Read Full Post)
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