It's time to end the lie that a person with a knife is basically 'unarmed'

Part of what kept the Jacob Blake frenzy alive on the left was the fact that he did not have a gun.  The media and their paramilitary fighters on the street imply that the fact that Blake had a knife was inconsequential.  To them, he was unarmed.  The same thing is happening with Ricardo Munoz's death in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  A police officer shot Munoz when the latter came after him with a knife.  In reality, close-contact knife attacks are horrific and are just as deadly as bullets from afar.

The facts are uncontested: the police got a call from Munoz's family that he was off his schizophrenia medicines.  They tried calling Crisis Intervention (i.e., the people leftists insist will take over future policing), only to have the Crisis Intervention people direct them to the police.  Within seconds of the first police officer to arrive coming to the front door, Munoz, who had stabbed four people in 2019, rushed at him with a large knife.  The police officer, while fleeing, shot him:

The incident happens so quickly that it's difficult to see the knife in Munoz's hand.  Only a freeze-frame reveals that the knife had at least a five- or six-inch blade.

Our grotesque, dishonest media promptly framed the story to have the police officer play a racially motivated, murderous role.  Drew Holden has an excellent thread detailing this media malfeasance:

You can read the rest of Drew Holden's thread about the media's disgraceful behavior here.

One of the reasons the media can get away with shading the coverage as it does is the popular misconception that knives are less lethal than guns.  They are not.  As the fictional Lord Peter Wimsey accurately said, "A bullet, you see, may go anywhere, but steel's almost bound to go somewhere" (Sayers, Dorothy L., Gaudy Night, pp. 492–493).  If someone has gotten close enough to stab you, you're in deep trouble.

This video gives some idea about the dangers associated with knife attacks (language warning):

And this video makes the same point in a slightly more light-hearted way:

If you have a strong stomach, do an image search for "knife wounds."  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Not only can a frenzied knife attack puncture you as effectively, if not more effectively, than someone firing at you from a distance, but knife attacks are also incredibly deadly.  From 2015 to 2019, Palestinians stabbed 217 people in Israel, with dozens of people dying from their wounds.  If the person gets close, guns very seldom prevent a knife attack.  Once someone's been stabbed, the gun works only to disable or, perhaps, kill the attacker.

Knife attacks can also be used for mass murder.  In 2018, a man entered a middle school in China with a knife and killed at least nine students.

The takeaway point from this blog post is that knife attacks are fast and deadly.  When the Lancaster police officer saw a fast-moving schizophrenic coming after him while wielding a big knife, the officer had no choice but to shoot.  It was a kill or be killed situation.  But once again, the left has taken an unambiguously righteous shooting and turned it against the police and used it to justify destroying a community.

In 2020, the Democrats, through their unwavering support for Black Lives Matter and Antifa, as well as their open contempt for the police, have proven themselves unfit to govern.  Electing Biden will only increase the violence because the Democrats, having fomented the violence, will be incapable of stopping it.

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