Is Nancy Pelosi deliberately trying to stir up riots across America?

It's up to God to decide if Nancy Pelosi is a truly terrible person, but she's giving an excellent imitation of one here on Earth.  Pelosi seemingly believes that 2020 has given her license to violate all political norms.  In the past two months, Pelosi has called federal law officers "stormtroopers," violated the mask rule she insists upon for others, claimed that she was a victim of a hair salon "setup," and blamed California's fires, which are the product of natural heat waves and abysmal land management, on an "angry" Mother Nature.  Her worst act ever, though, could be her siding with the mob with the lie that the Louisville police involved with Breonna Taylor's death are murderers.

We know now that the media and the authorities in Louisville lied about everything.  This is the story they told: Breonna Taylor was a completely innocent, law-abiding E.R. technician.  For no reason whatsoever, three policemen did a no-knock raid on her apartment.  When they broke down the door, her valiant boyfriend tried to defend her by firing at these intruders.  The police responded with a volley of bullets that killed the innocent Taylor as she lay in her bed.

The real story, which relies on independent civilian witness evidence, a long-running investigation into a narcotics ring, police body cameras, and forensic evidence, is different.  Taylor's ex-boyfriend, who had a lengthy criminal record, was being investigated for running a drug and illegal weapons ring.  Not only did Taylor frequently talk to him, but there was also reason to believe that he used her apartment to store the drugs and money.

The police had a search warrant to enter and search Taylor's apartment.  When they arrived, they knocked and announced themselves so loudly that a neighbor — a disinterested, third-party witness — was able to testify under oath that it was not a no-knock raid.  When no one answered at Taylor's door, the police broke it open.

Things happened quickly at that point.  The first police officer through the door saw Taylor and a man, later identified as her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, standing at the end of the hall.  Walker had a gun and was holding it with his arms extended.

Walker fired, hitting the police officer in the femoral artery, an injury that can be fatal.  Faced with a deadly threat, the three officers ended up firing 32 rounds, six of which hit Taylor as she stood in the hallway, having watched her boyfriend try to kill a police officer.  Interestingly, none of the 32 rounds hit Walker.  It makes one wonder where he was.

On these facts, the grand jury and Kentucky's attorney general, Daniel Cameron, concluded that the police had acted appropriately by announcing their presence and firing only when they were under fire.  Charging them with murder would be dishonest and immoral.

That didn't stop the mob, which went crazy in Louisville and other Democrat cities across America.  In Louisville, Larynzo Johnson deliberately shot two police officers.  Despite his manifest intent to assassinate public officials, he's facing only assault and wanton endangerment charges.

We've come to the point where we expect nothing but violence from the mob and cowardice from the prosecutors.  However, if we are to have some semblance of a functional nation, we should expect our federal politicians to do their best to calm the American landscape, lest a civil war start and our major cities end up looking like Aleppo, Syria:

But looking out for the good of the nation isn’t San Fran Nan’s style. Her style is that she will do anything, including destroying America if it means achieving political power. That’s why she went full demagogue, insisting that Taylor was “murdered by the police”:

Incidentally, there's nothing in the Democrats' George Floyd Justice in Policing Act that would have prevented what happened.  The police entered under the color of law, loudly announced themselves, and responded to an attempt to kill them.  Taylor, a young woman who was either a criminal or dumb enough to consort with criminals, paid the price.  (The Act wouldn't have saved Floyd, either, because he was already dying from a massive fentanyl overdose when the police found him.)

If enough people vote for the Republican candidate in their House district, Nancy Pelosi will no longer be the most powerful woman in America.  That's just one more reason for you to make sure to vote a straight Republican ticket at your polling place on November 3.

Image: Nancy Pelosi calls police murderers.  Twitter screen grab.

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