Is it time for a 'whiff of grapeshot' to bring the rioters to heel?

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have a pattern: whenever they don't like something, they violently take to the streets to show their displeasure.  Significantly, their protests are not localized.  In cities across America, residents are being trained that if they cross the mob, the mob will destroy them.  Over five years, with accelerated speed in 2020, state and urban governments across America, by embracing the mob's "defund the police" policy, have ceded their streets to the mob.  This cannot continue.  It is destabilizing America, especially now that the mob makes implicit and explicit threats of future violence if Americans don't vote for Biden, the mob's preferred candidate. In times past, the great mass of a polity's citizens had no say in their governance.  Throughout the world, most political systems were tyrannical, with the tyrant being a monarch or theocracy — or, in many...(Read Full Post)
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