How many of the rioting 'protesters' come from super-rich families?

As the definitely non-peaceful rioters continue their destructive, violent force in this most bizarre year, the know-it-all, know-nothing, life-insulated narcissist young adult offspring game-playing pouters of wealthy parents emerge — surprise! — unscathed.  The past few days provided some interesting examples.

Clara Kraebber, 20 years old, the school-smart, life-dumb, over-educated, under-knowledgeable daughter of wealthy, highly accomplished parents, recently profiled on this blog for her protest demonstration temper tantrum for over six years, is currently confined in her family's second mansion — complete with four fireplaces to complement the ecologically correct heating system — in an upscale Connecticut suburb, awaiting the next step for damages caused in a riot in which she participated.

Elsewhere, some of her peers are also suffering similar fates.

Elliot Rucka, 20, nabbed in the same riot (I repeat, not "peaceful protest"!) as Kraebber "that caused at least $100,000 in damages, authorities said," is also the offspring of prominent parents

... comic book writers, Greg Rucka, a New York Times best-selling author, and Jennifer Van Meter, according to his father's online bio. ...

Greg penned the comic book series "The Old Guard," which he then adapted for a Netflix film of the same name — and co-created the "Stumptown" comic series that ABC optioned into a TV show last year[.] ... Van Meter, meanwhile, also has bona fides in the comic world, having written award-nominated issues and series for Dark Horse, DC and Marvel Comics, according to her own online bio.

Meanwhile, shed some tears — perhaps of laughter — as Natalie Van Norman, from the comfortable California beach suburb of Redondo Beach, sobbingly wants to know "Where the f--- are my rights?" as she is arrested up north in Portland.  Not so amazingly, she showed no concern for the rights of the average Portland citizens whose lives and businesses have been upended in the 100 days — count them; they did — of violence as she dashed from the taxpayer-funded ambulance where police placed her to be treated, at taxpayer expense, for injuries sustained while she resisted arrest.

Loewy Malkovich, a software engineer in Portland and son of noted actor John Malkovich, joined other rioters as they violently protested against the middle-class police trying to protect their union building and other middle-class businesses.

And there is the family of Vicky Osterweil — Twitter: Vicky_ACAB, as in, "All Cops Are Bastards."  Osterweil, whose book In Defense of Looting; A Riotous History of Uncivil Action (the title says it all) was so ably critiqued a few days ago here on American Thinker, though certainly not by taxpayer-funded NPR's Northwestern University School of Journalism graduate and highly paid professional interviewer Natalie Escobar, who also comes from a financially solid family.  Born William, AKA Willie Osterweil but magically transformed from he to she, just like that, he is the child of Scot Osterweil, cutting-edge, raised in the solidly upper-middle-class Boston suburb of Brookline.

The parents of all these young — under 30 except for Osterweil, who is in his mid 30s — are all probably fine people who loved their children, provided them with seemingly good educations, and fed them healthy food, but perhaps insulated them from life's tough realities.  They did their best so are not totally responsible for the behavior of their voting-age children.  Perhaps they are a bit puzzled, a bit upset with their offspring's present lifestyle, belief system.  It happens.  Often, very often.  But...maybe not.

In a few years, I predict these four smug youthful rebels and even their parents will be relatively fine with maybe, at most, a tiny tinge of regret at their past destructive actions.  But their victims — the middle-class cops, the small business–owners whose life's work was destroyed, the employees of businesses of all sizes that never reopened — will not be doing so well.  Suffering devastating personal and financial losses and traumas, they will carry on, but diminished.

And all those caring, compassionate, destructive rioters just won't care.

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