How long before Obama starts taking credit again for Trump's economy?

I'm guessing that by this time next month, Obama will be telling everyone who'll listen that he deserves credit for the explosion in economic activity around the country.  Think how discouraging all this encouraging economic news must be for Democrats.  The unemployment rate is back in single digits within months of the greatest labor market disturbance in a hundred years.  After losing a third of its value in the spring, when Wuhan panic went viral, the stock market has risen past pre-pandemic levels once again.  And consumer confidence and new home construction are rising faster than thought possible.  It took Obama over four years to do what President Trump has pulled off in four months.

Obama spent the first three years of Trump's presidency claiming credit for his successor's ability to produce an economic resurgence unseen since the years after WWII.  Then he quickly abandoned Americans by inexplicably defending China's actions in precipitating a global pandemic and recession, while laughably casting President Trump as the real villain.  And now the American economy is about to explode like a corked champagne bottle sunning on a Death Valley boulder.  Economies around the world are still stuck in neutral or reverse, while America's is about to take off like a rocket.  

What will Obama say now?  That he could have done better?  Or pushed recovery faster?  That President Trump's herculean efforts at saving America's economy from near destruction were possible only because of Obamacare?  Please.  If Obama and Biden had been steering the American economic ship when we hit this Chinese iceberg in the middle of the night, they would have knocked over women and children to rush onto lifeboats with Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and all the other Democratic Party "1%," while writing sad poetry about the Americans unavoidably sinking to their watery graves.

President Trump's quick-minded and brilliant economic workarounds during this time of emergency not only saved the American ship from sinking, but also chopped that iceberg into pieces so fast that we're selling the ice cubes back to China one trade deal at a time.  If Hillary had been president when the Chinese coronavirus came calling at 3 A.M., we'd still be diagnosing the problem right now with picture graphs before agency committees concerned with whether there are enough members who identify as multiracial pansexuals for their "woke" economics to succeed.  Trump snapped into action so swiftly that he's already managed to bring the economy into better shape than it was during most of Obama's two terms.  I wonder how Democrats like those apples.

All these Americans going back to work, the growth in warehouse inventories, and increases in consumer demand are going to dovetail into an "unexpected" jump in small business confidence and sustained stock market expansion.  Even with markets springing and sliding more erratically in the short term as investors struggle to use forecast models that can't accurately interpret six months of underlying economic data from our self-imposed "idling period," future consumer expectationsinvestment, and construction indices all signal explosive economic growth in the months ahead.  

And while the boards of directors of our biggest companies continue to campaign for Democrats (proving that some very wealthy people are too dumb to understand that their Faustian bargain with the Marxist socialists will last long enough only for Bernie Sanders's revolution in the streets to succeed), it is clear that the millions of independent investors making decisions each day know that economic growth is linked to a Trump presidency.  Each day that President Trump looks more likely to win re-election, the markets react positively.  Each day the markets react positively, President Trump's odds of re-election rise.  The political futures market and the economic futures market are so interwoven right now that any honest economic observer should marvel at how much wealth will either appear or disappear based on whether President Trump remains in power.  His captaincy of the American economy is the single most important variable in predicting future economic trends, and his value to economic growth is reflected in the stock market as worth trillions of dollars.

In contrast, "Round 2" of the Obama-Biden economic doldrums promises more intrusive government health care, new rounds of Solyndra boondoggles in the name of Bernie's Green New Deal, plunging home values from the Democrats' attempts to re-make the suburbs into the utopian image of the cities they've already burned to the ground, and vast redistribution of wealth to address the left's priority of income inequality over intergenerational mobility (because the former feeds into personal envies of the present, while the latter speaks to our hopes for our children's futures) with quixotic schemes that accomplish nothing but further lining the pockets of Democrat donors and crony capitalists.  Obama gave us the slowest economic recovery in a hundred years; the socialists who will run Biden's presidency think they can do better by dragging America's economy (and people) into prolonged depression.  You can't "fundamentally transform" America, after all, until you first use the power of government to destroy the free market.  Free markets, free speech, and free peoples are all incompatible with the socialist project Democrats are itching to unleash.  

President Trump has helped create an economy that lifted more Americans from poverty than at any time in our history.  Under his "America First" policies, investment capital and manufacturing labor are coming home again.  For three decades, the greatest theft in the history of the world has been transferring American wealth to communist China and off-shoring American jobs to areas of the planet where slave labor is still encouraged.  To the amazement (and consternation) of the globe's biggest financial players, the president has managed to stop this generational heist in its tracks, while redirecting it straight back to the forgotten towns of Middle America.  Main Street, not the trans-national corporate behemoths manipulating Wall Street for foreign advantage, is taking over.  In President Trump's second term, Main Street will finally rule over Wall Street once and for all.  

The millions of independent actors moving the stock market know that President Trump is capable of unleashing an American economy that will secure American dominance for centuries.  They know that a weak-willed, sclerotic Biden presidency serving as a Trojan horse for the Marxists will open the door for socialist tyrants to finally finish America off.  There's never been a clearer example of the power of free markets and deregulation to do what government-controlled economic micromanaging can never accomplish.  A Trump presidency is worth trillions of dollars for American workers and American investors; a Biden presidency isn't worth the cost of a Che Guevara t-shirt.

Hat tip to "magic wands."

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