Do you want more evidence there may be a hidden Trump surge?

In 2016, the polls were wrong.  In 2020, there are subtle indications that the polls, almost all of which have Biden in the lead, will be wrong again.  Admittedly, these are subtle indicators, but they still resonate (at least with me, when I'm feeling optimistic).  The latest subtle indicators are a viral video from a black man who sees his economic salvation in a Trump economy and a Bret Stephens article in the New York Times recounting his interview with a lesbian who has confessed that she is a secret Trump voter.

Years ago, a young friend told me to stop obsessing over Rachel Maddow.  She's nothing, he said, and the same is true for other cable news hosts.  The real energy is in podcasts and video shows.  Tim Pool is one of the people who brings this new energy to our political debate.  Like many thoughtful young people who weren't ready to toe the Democrat party line, he started agnostic and ended up approving of Trump.

One of Pool's listeners is a man named Gary Lamb.  Lamb uploaded a viral video in which he thanks Pool for opening his eyes to the lies of the left and enabling him to embrace the benefits flowing from a Trump presidency.  It's worth watching the entire nine minutes.  Lamb is a man who has had a tremendously hard life but always held on to his moral core.  He was losing hope, though, and it was the Trump presidency — especially the Trump economy — that saved him:

Gary Lamb is not the only decent, hardworking man out there who's never benefited from the Democrats' endlessly broken promises, but who has seen his world improve because Trump kept his word.  Lamb is the living embodiment of James Carville's dictum, printed on everything in Bill Clinton's campaign headquarters, that "it's the economy, stupid."  Outside of elite leftist enclaves, people vote for economic improvements in their lives.

Meanwhile, Bret Stephens, a NeverTrumper who ended up at the New York Times, interviewed a New York City resident identified only as "Chris."  Chris's other identifier is that she's a lesbian.

As a lesbian in NYC, Chris should be a Biden voter, but she's not.  Although deep in the closet because she knows that the abuse she would receive for her political views is worse than anything she received for her sexual orientation, Chris is voting for Trump.

Chris's metrics are simple: her 401k plan went up 19.6 percent before the lockdown, and her gas prices have dropped.  She doesn't care about what's going on in the world; she cares about what's going on in her personal economy.

Nor does she have the warm fuzzies about Obamacare.  She had private insurance when the ACA become law.  Like most people in the private insurance market, her insurance became too expensive, so she couldn't keep the insurer she liked.  Adding insult to injury, Chris couldn't even get onto the Obamacare website.

Chris approves of Trump playing the panic down early in the Wuhan virus because that was necessary to counteract the media's predictions.  She's also impressed that, while the predictions were that 2 million Americans would die, only 200,000 did.

Most of all, Chris is horrified by what Mayor Bill de Blasio has done to her neighborhood.  She's watching leftism in action, complete with NYC's streets being given over to the homeless, the mentally ill, and the criminal, and she doesn't like it.  Stephens quotes Chris's take on de Blasio: "I can't put into words how inept this guy is."

A realist, Chris doesn't care if Trump said, "grab 'em by the p----."  Chris understands that he was right when he said gold-diggers would take it.  She's also disgusted by the media, thinks Christine Blowsy Fraud was lying about Kavanaugh, believes (correctly) that Hillary was behind the Russia hoax, and likes having Trump stand up to Iran.  She believes the "fine people hoax" but doesn't care.

Chris is also unimpressed by the Democrats.  She discounts Biden as weak and Harris as a weathervane, incapable of holding a grown-up position.

Gary Lamb and Chris reflect a significant trend in this election: at the end of the day, the rhetoric and the labels are irrelevant.  People want their lives to improve.

For four years, they've seen Trump do one thing after another to improve their lives.  Under his aegis, the economy improved for everyone.  Although neither is concerned with the world beyond America's borders, they're probably aware of and pleased that Trump seems to be bringing peace to the Middle East, Central Europe, and the Korean peninsula.

What's important is that these two people are representative of the many Americans who are putting aside the overwhelming leftist drumbeat that fills the airwaves and, instead, are focusing on essentials: the economy and law and order.  All the other issues are luxuries for leftist college grads who have too much time and money.

Image: Gary Lamb, Trump-supporter.  YouTube screen grab.