Democrat threats to the contrary, the riots will end if Trump wins

Democrats openly say that, if Trump is reelected, they are going to redouble their four years of madness, with special emphasis on the last three months of open violence. Indeed, they’re already planning to destabilize the election and to contest it if Trump wins, in hopes of a violent coup. The latest leftist to say this is Bernie Sanders, who just opined that Trump would not accept defeat.

It appears that the Democrat’s plans don’t account for is the fact that, if Trump wins the Electoral College, he holds all the cards -- although, their awareness of that fact could explain the recent attempt, via the defamatory The Atlantic article, to smear Trump with the military.

Since November 9, we’ve witnessed the “Resistance,” both on the streets and in the fetid bowels of the Deep State. Each effort (the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax, the Impeachment, etc.) was meant to end his presidency prematurely.

Trump beat back all those attacks. That’s why, in 2020, Democrats and their fellow travelers (in the media, in politics, and on the streets) have concentrated their efforts, not on removing Trump before his term ends, but on preventing his reelection.

Democrats took advantage of the Wuhan virus to tank the economy. And yes, for a political party that wants to deconstruct America’s constitutional republic, destroying the economy was a price worth paying. It helped that the tech titans (openly hostile to Trump), as well as major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart (both ostensibly friendly to normal Americans, but even more friendly to Democrats with their political donations), made out like bandits thanks to the lockdown.

Although the virus wasn’t the scourge Democrats seem to have wanted, they’ve worked hard to blame Trump for any deaths. Too many people have already forgotten what the media was forced to concede, which is that 40% of all Wuhan virus deaths occurred in nursing homes – at a time when at most 1.5 million people, or a half percent, of the population lived in those homes.

These deaths might not have happened if Democrat governors hadn’t forced nursing homes to accept infected people, a policy that effectively turned nursing homes into slaughterhouses. Thankfully, the Department of Justice is investigating the governors’ policies, so the Wuhan virus might not be quite the anti-Trump cudgel Democrats want.

Democrats have also encouraged violence on America’s streets. That’s why Biden avoided speaking about the riots until a week ago, no one mentioned them at the Democrats’ convention, and Kamala encouraged the riots to keep going. The Democrats thought they could frame the riots as a response to Trump’s racism (hence the constant references to the “fine people hoax”).

The message was that the riots were an organic response to Trump’s alleged white supremacy and his alleged encouragement of police brutality. Democrats had to walk back from this position, though, when the polls showed, not only that Americans disliked the riots, but that they also associated them (correctly) with the Democrats.

We’re now in what may be the last initiative to defeat Trump. Biden articulated the new approach when he spoke in Pittsburg: The riots aren’t a response to Trump. They are, instead, Trump’s riots, which he’s fomented and that right-wingers are carrying out.

Having blamed the current riots on Republicans, Democrats have started openly threatening increased violence from angry voters after the election if Trump is reelected. They make this claim based upon their fantasy that Trump will not concede (even as they insist that Biden must not concede).

Most recently, on Saturday, Bernie Sanders threatened that “America must be prepared when Trump refuses to leave office.” David Brooks helpfully summed up the Democrats’ imagined scenarios in that case, all of which involve street warfare.

Democrats forget that, when it comes to riots, Trump has the advantage after the election. So far, he’s been holding his fire on ending the riots for three reasons: (1) Democrat governors rejected his help; (2) Democrats are just dying to have proof that Trump is actually a Nazi and they imagine that using the National Guard will provide that proof; and (3) the logistics of sending troops into a hostile state are challenging.

After the properly cast votes are counted (as opposed to those that conveniently turn up in the mail long after election day), if Trump wins the Electoral College, there is nothing to stop him from invoking the Insurrection Act, federalizing the National Guard, and cleaning up the rioters. Vanderleun reminds us how effective the military is when it’s allowed to operate freely to stop rioting.

Indeed, concern about military effectiveness may be one of the factors behind the Democrats’ most recent hoax, the one claiming the Trump, the most pro-military president in recent history, disrespected the troops. Democrats aren’t just worried about the military vote favoring Trump. They’re also trying to ensure that, if Trump wins, and if the left escalates its violence, the military will not respond to Trump’s use of the Insurrection Act.

These are scary times. Using tactics that succeeded in the past -- 1917 in Russia, 1933 in Germany, 1949 in China, 1953 in Cuba -- leftists are working to destabilize America as a prelude to a full revolution. Current trends favor Trump, but let’s hope, too, that Trump and his advisors have war-gamed the more violent post-election possibilities.

Image: National Guard patrolling street after the D.C. riot. April ‘68 (cropped), by Warren K. Leffler at the Library of Congress; No known restrictions on publication.

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