Cuomo frantically blaming Trump for New York's COVID

Desperate to deny the blood on his hands, a verbose politician goes low.  The governor of New York bears responsibility for thousands of deaths caused by his order sending COVID-infected patients into nursing care facilities, where they spread the disease.  If he had any conscience, he would take responsibility, resign, and devote the remainder of his life to good works in service to those less fortunate.  But he is the scion of a political dynasty that worships power and acts as though slick public presentation is more important than facts.

Yesterday, he demonstrated this proclivity with a press conference video presentation that included a fake newspaper headline.

YouTube screen grab.

As befits a man in love with the sound of his own voice, he went on and on.  The full one-hour and ten-minute presentation can be accessed here.

But the worst of it took less than a minute and a half, during which he blamed Donald Trump for COVID in the state he leads:

If Donald Trump is so responsible, why has the rest of the nation escaped the death toll in New York and its neighbor New Jersey, whose governor followed the same policy of planting COVID sufferers in nursing homes?  This graph tells the story of responsibility (hat tip: Glenn Reynolds):

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