CNN publishes a vicious and dishonest hit piece against Trump

For three months, leftists in the media and politics celebrated the riots that were tearing apart some of America's Democrat-run cities.  For conservatives, it became a running joke that, even as the cities burned and rioters fought with law enforcement, Democrats insisted that all these scenes were aberrant and that everything was "mostly peaceful." All this changed after police shot a man wanted on a warrant for rape, who fought with the officers and had a knife.  In response, and without knowing the facts, BLM and Antifa destroyed large swaths of Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The public turned on BLM, and the Biden team and the media went into damage control.  On Tuesday, CNN hit the damage control button with such force that it produced a staggeringly dishonest hit piece. This post looks at just a few of the worst arguments in the CNN piece.  For a more detailed analysis, you can go here. Frida Ghitis, a former...(Read Full Post)
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