Burning cities and fleeing mayors

What happens when one's politics loses all contact with reality?  It might look something like what's currently unfolding in Democrat-led cities across the country.  These urban centers of America, so-called bastions of progressive thought and ideology, have unraveled before our eyes over the last few months and are now engulfed in widespread violence, looting, and arson.  Mobs of rioters, or as CNN calls them, "mostly peaceful protesters," have grown by the day, and so have their menacing antics.

And now, the mayors are fleeing.

The same mayors who have defended, and even promoted, acts of anarchy in their cities in the name of social justice and have repeatedly rejected offers of federal assistance to quell violence are now feeling that it's getting a little too close for comfort.  The abstractions of their political revolution have become real, and that reality is apparently a little bit frightening.

In Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler said Tuesday he will move from his $840,000 condominium because of repeated protests there.  Wheeler said it would be "best for me and for everyone else's safety and peace" that he find a new home, the Oregonian reported.  Before taking refuge, Mayor Wheeler openly rejected help from the National Guard, even posting an open letter online expressing his refusal, despite more than three straight months of protests and violence.

In St. Louis, Mayor Lyda Krewson has temporarily relocated after a string of protests at her Central West End home.  Krewson states, "We did it to deescalate the situation, to save police resources, and importantly because our neighbors were being disturbed and threatened."

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has assigned police officers to block protesters in front of her home, saying she had received threats against herself, the woman she lives with, and the home.  After the police had effectively banned protesters from her block, Lightfoot ordered them to arrest anyone who refused to leave.  Mayor Lightfoot has also repeatedly ordered Chicago's river bridges raised to keep people out of downtown.  She said the move was to protect businesses and residents.

All the while, up the ladder of leadership, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have maintained a discreet silence, offering only vague condemnations of violence and even outright lies about what is truly unfolding on the streets.  The Democrats prefer not to grapple with the uncomfortable and disturbing truth that the riots have materially harmed the lives of the vulnerable people they swear to fight for.  That struggling small businesses have been crushed, buildings and homes burned to the ground, and innocent lives lost.

What could be more hypocritical and cowardly than (literally) running away from the places and people you have sworn to protect?  Perhaps the silver lining here is that these so-called "leaders" have been shown for who they really are.  They would rather watch their cities burn to the ground than confront a politically inconvenient reality or accept help that could give President Trump's agenda a boost.

This unprecedented abandonment of responsibility will not go unnoticed or unchecked.  Despite the mainstream media's best attempts to hide and disguise facts, or shift blame, the reality that our cities are burning and our mayors are running is too disturbing, both for what it reveals and what it foreshadows, to be ignored.  The country is watching.

Image: Needpix.

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