Biden spokesman cries foul when asked if Biden uses a teleprompter

The year 2020 will not go down in history as anyone's favorite year.  It had something for everyone in terms of the misery factor.  Moreover, when I think about the misery inflicted during the year, it was almost entirely from Democrat schemes.  That's why it's so utterly delightful to watch Biden's spokesman, TJ Ducklo, squirm, duck, and bob when Bret Baier asks him whether Biden relies on a teleprompter to get through interviews. It wasn't until I sat down to write this post that I realized how the Democrats are responsible for much of the misery that's rained down upon us in 2020.  It started with the impeachment.  When the impeachment began, Republicans were not happy.  By the time it ended, Democrats were miserable.  That was a breakeven, but it was also a harbinger for a rotten year. The Wuhan virus was most definitely the fault of the Chinese Communist Party, which lied to the...(Read Full Post)
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