Biden emerged from hiding to give an extraordinarily dishonest speech

I listened to Biden's speech at 1.25 times the regular speed, which made him sound normal, not like a demented man trying to track a teleprompter.  Nothing, though, prepared me for the speech's rank dishonesty.  Mary McCarthy said of the communist Lillian Hellman that "every word she writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the.'"  Biden's speech was worse because every word was a vicious lie.  I felt sullied listening to it.

This post cannot address each lie.  I'll tackle just some the worst ones and recommend that you listen to Tucker Carlson's outraged monologue (which you can see here if the video won't load):




Throughout the speech, Biden repeated his Big Lie, saying over and over that the violence we've seen on the streets since May 25 is Trump's fault.  "He doesn't want to shed light, he wants to generate heat, and he's stroking [sic] violence in our cities."  Biden's imaginary world derives from the fact that he never once mentions Black Lives Matter or Antifa.  To him, all violence comes from the right, in the form of

... unwarranted police shooting, excessive force, seven bullets in the back of Jacob Blake [a Joe Biden–esque finger rapist who attacked police with a knife], knee on the neck of George Floyd [a violent ex-felon who died from an overdose], killing of Breonna Taylor in her own apartment [a tragedy, but it does appear she was involved with serious drug-dealing], violence of extremists and opportunists, right-wing militias and to derail any hope and support for progress, the senseless violence of looting and burning and destruction of property.

Only after dishonestly recalibrating reality to exonerate the leftist military arms of BLM and Antifa did Biden insist that "rioting is not protesting.  Looting is not protesting.  Setting fires is not protesting.  None of this is protesting."

Biden then immediately reiterated that lie that it is Trump-supporters who are "acting as an armed militia in this country."  Biden followed this with a mafia-style threat, the one that's the political equivalent of "Nice little country ya' got here.  Shame if something happened to it."

Biden's threat took the form of a question: "Does anyone believe there'll be less violence in America if Donald Trump is re-elected?"  Put another way, to an America that knows he's lying when he says the violence comes from conservatives (as opposed to leftist BLM and Antifa activists), Biden all but explicitly threatened that the mobs will retreat only if he is elected.

Dan Bongio summarized Biden in a single tweet:



Biden next called out Kellyanne Conway's statement that "the more chaos, violence, the better it is for Trump's re-election," which he claimed proved that Trump wants violence.  That was another lie.

The truth is that, when Conway appeared on Fox and Friends, she was asked about Pete Buttigieg's contention that the violence is Trump's fault.  Conway referenced a video showing a restaurant-owner in Madison, who obviously opposed Trump, asking the rioters if they were trying to get Trump re-elected:



In that context, Conway stated, "He knows, full stop, and I guess Mayor Pete knows, full stop, that the more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who is best on public safety and law and order."  That is a factual observation, not a claim that violence is Trump's ticket back into the White House.  Biden's assertion was a lie.

And as always, Biden brought up the execrable "fine people hoax," when he said:

Donald Trump adds fuel to every fire because he refuses to even acknowledge that there's a racial justice problem in America. Because he won't stand up to any form of violence. He's got no problem with right-wing militia, white supremacists, and vigilantes with assault weapons often better armed than the police.

Aside from the lie of the fine people hoax, Trump has repeatedly condemned violence:

And so it goes, with one lie following another:

  • He lies about defending federal property when the Obama administration kept WWII veterans away from their memorial.
  • He lies about Trump refusing to help Democrat cities when those cities rejected his help.
  • He lies about Trump being divisive, a lie made manifest by looking at the Democrats' hate-filled convention versus the Republicans' inclusive one.  In Democrat-world, it's divisive to object to Democrat falsehoods.
  • He lies that Trump is to blame for escalating murder rates, rather than the Democrats, who defunded police, a fact that has police endorsing Trump.
  • He lies about the elderly who died of COVID, not because of Trump, but because Democrat governors turned nursing homes into slaughterhouses.

And that's just a fraction of Biden's lies.

In some ways, the worst thing about the speech happened when Biden lost track of his Teleprompter, revealing to the world that he had no idea what he's saying.  When he gave the speech, his hard-left advisers fed falsehoods into his empty brain and he channeled them out through his mouth.



Biden is all bad things: invariably wrong in his policies, creepy, racist, and leftist.  Right now, he's also just a sock puppet for the hard left, and that's the scariest thing of all.

Image: Biden Pittsburgh speech, screengrab from a shareable tweet.





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