Beware, America: Democrats are fighting for your soul

The people running the Biden campaign shout that they are fighting for the soul of America.  It's plastered all over their campaign ads.  It's ironic.  Soul is defined as "the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal."  How can Democrats go after something when many of them generally deny that it exists?  Do they believe in immortality, which by extension leads to an afterlife?  Heaven and hell are destinations of souls either riding on the devil's train or taking the arduous hike with Jesus.  The former is easier, with comforts and temptations to be had, while the latter is rigorous and demands fortitude and righteousness.

So Biden wants America's soul, and I believe him.  The devil wants our souls, too.  Deception is the devil's loveliest and most wicked tool.  It is layers of lies festooned in the make-up and costumes of pretend truths.  Oh, so seductive and warming.  The easy way is the devil's way.

Prancing, swirling, and swooning (or screaming) are social justice sirens and charades meting out soul-saving maneuvers.  So fighting for something, in this case souls, usually means saving or getting something.  If I fight for my life, I am saving it.  If I fight for my freedom, I am getting it.  So the question is, does fighting for the soul of America mean saving it or getting it?  Jesus saves, but the devil gets.  Joe Biden and the Democrats are fighting for the soul of America to get at it, not save it.  Beware.

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