As Biden falls in the polls, the media's lies get bigger

The more desperate the media becomes to elect the corrupt, incompetent Joe Biden, the bigger and more numerous the lies.

We have been treated to Democrat campaign workers, posing as journalists, and other Democrats throwing crap against the wall for five years to elect one corrupt Democrat after another.  No matter how obvious the lies become, the more they repeat them.

One of the biggest loads of excrement I have seen came out of the mouths of the Washington Post editorial board on Friday when they had the garbage headline "Global Freedom would suffer grievous harm in a second Trump Term."  They claim that this will happen because he embraces dictators and he is rejecting U.S. democracy.  They know they are lying because the facts show that it was Obama/Biden who catered throughout their eight years to dictators, and they know that Trump's policies and actions have been much harsher toward the dictators and tyrants.  If they don't know they are lying, they clearly have had their brains removed as they are rewriting history.

Global freedom would suffer grievous harm in a second Trump term

His embrace of dictators and rejection of U.S. democracy can only get worse.

As for catering to dictators around the world and global freedom:

Obama and Biden refused to honor the U.S. commitment to provide missile shields to Poland and the Czech Republic to appease Putin.  They did not care about the freedom or safety of the Eastern Europeans, only pleasing Putin.  Trump gave the weapons systems because he cared about the people, not Putin.

Obama and Biden refused to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine to appease Putin.  They did not care about the freedom or safety of the people in Ukraine, only pleasing Putin.  Trump gave the weapons because he cared about the people, not Putin.

Obama pulled troops out of Iraq and allowed ISIS to build a power base to threaten the freedom of the people in the area.  This allowed Iran and Syria to become more powerful.  Trump took out ISIS.

Hillary and Biden enriched themselves and their families with huge kickbacks from foreign parties including from countries run by dictators.  They clearly didn't give a damn about the freedom of the people, only themselves.

The Obama administration approved selling uranium to Russia's Vladimir Putin after the Clinton family got huge kickbacks.  They clearly cared more about Putin than the freedom or safety of the people.

Obama drew a fictional red line in Syria and then refused to enforce it to appease Putin, Iran, and Assad.  That allowed ISIS and Assad to maintain power.  How stupid was it for Obama and Kerry to trust Putin to monitor the chemical weapons in Syria?  Obama/Biden clearly cared more about the dictators than the freedom of the people.  We don't hear much about Syria after Trump destroyed ISIS.

The Paris climate accord had to please all the energy-producing countries run by dictators.  Think how much they could control prices and limit freedom if other countries quit producing.  Trump pulled out of this disastrous pretend agreement.

Obama/Biden and the Democrats want the U.S to stop drilling and producing which certainly would please all the dictators in oil producing countries because they won't stop producing.  Thank goodness Trump knows that freedom and democracy depend on energy independence.

Trump lectured Germany that it should stop relying on Putin for so much of its energy.  Biden always catered to Putin.

Obama/Biden continually lied to get the dangerous Iran deal through.  This gave the dictators in Iran access to hundreds of billions of dollars they could use to spread terrorism around the world.  This gift to the Iranian tyrants had to please the dictators in Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, and elsewhere because Iran now could buy more stuff from them, including weapons.  Think how nice it is that Obama sold U.S. uranium to Russia, which the Russians then could sell to other dictators.  Not once does it appear that Obama/Biden cared about the freedom of the Iranian people or others in the region.  Trump cut Iran off from the cookie jar, and Biden and the Democrats want the jar reopened.  That threatens freedom everywhere.

Obama also gave the Iranian dictators and terrorists a huge kickback when he dictatorially stopped the Justice Department from investigating a billion-dollar-a-year drug running operation by terrorists to appease Iran.  I see no indication that Obama/Biden, most journalists, or other Democrats care about all the people killed by drug overdoses and terrorism because of this despicable act.  Freedom for the people didn't matter.  Trump is trying to block drugs at the border from all sources.

Trump pressured NATO to spend more money on its defense to protect against dictators to ensure freedom and safety for the people.  Obama/Biden didn't care.

Trump moves the U.S. embassy in Israel, finally keeping a promise.  Trump gets a peace deal in the Mideast. Obama spends taxpayer money to interfere in the Israeli election and builds up Iran. Which president cares about global freedom?

Obama/Biden catered to the dictators in Cuba. They didn't care about freedom for the Cuban people. Trump cares about the Cuban people, not the dictators.

As for domestic freedom and democracy:

Obama/Biden used IRS to target political opponents to violate their freedom of speech and freedom of association rights. Trump uses IRS to enforce the tax code.

Obama/Biden used EPA, Justice Department and CFPB to shake down corporations to establish slush funds which were used for political purposes and to give kickbacks to leftist supporters. Trump shut down the slush funds.

Obama/Biden used intelligence agencies to illegally spy on thousands of Americans. Trump uses intelligence agencies to keep an eye on our enemies around the world.

Obama dictatorially and unconstitutionally issued executive orders changing immigration laws. Obama/Biden also supported lawless sanctuary cities and states. Trump enforces immigration laws Congress passed and wants cities and states to comply with the laws.

Obama/Biden used the Justice Department to spy on and destroy Trump and associates based on fake dossier from a foreign spy paid for by Hillary and the DNC. The Justice Department was also used to protect many members of the Obama crime family, including Hillary from prosecutions. Trump uses the Justice Department to enforce the law. Most of the media not only didn't care about this absolute abuse of power and pure lawlessness, they participated in it.

Obama/Biden and other Democrats support ballot harvesting, universal voting by mail and block photo ID's to vote. They and the media know all of this encourages fraud and threatens election integrity but don't care.

They use COVID-19 as an excuse to vote by mail but in the last few days we have seen reports that 90% of positive tests are essentially wrong. If the media reported truthful numbers everything would be open and no one would be scared to vote. Very few deaths are caused by COVID-19 by itself. CDC estimates 6%.

One of the greatest threats to our freedom, prosperity and democracy is when tyrannical governors keep the economy and people in intentional depression long after the curve was flattened.

Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn't Be.

Another great threat to our freedom, prosperity and democracy is when the media and other democrats essentially encourage anarchists and Marxists to take over our cities.

For five years they have ginned up racial hate and violence by calling Trump and his supporters every racist and sexist term in the dictionary.

They ginned up racial hate and violence, especially against white cops with the fictional "hands up don't shoot" narrative. How many cops have been injured or killed because of this intentional lie?

The media continues to allow Biden, Harris and others to continually lie about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate and violence.

The media and other Democrats use the racial terms "systemic racism" and "white privilege" to gin up racial hate and violence. Why weren't those terms used when Obama/Biden resided in the White House?

They will gladly destroy white Christian boys or people like Kavanaugh with no evidence. People are disposable to Democrats. All that matters is power.

Look how the media trashed blacks and women at the Republican convention that dare disagree with the far-left Democrat agenda.

Most of the media and other Democrats are as racist as their chosen candidate who said you ain't black if you don't vote for me and all blacks think alike. Blacks essentially aren't allowed to stray from the plantation. Democrats believe they are entitled to their vote. Sort of like slaves.

Then after years and decades of playing the race card and ginning up racial hate and violence the puppets in the media, along with other Democrats blame Trump for the violence when it is they who foment the violence every day. BLM and the other supposedly peaceful protesters don't care about all the black children being killed throughout the country. No one knows their names. They only care when someone dies who happens to fit their agenda.

The only time Biden, Harris and others care about all the destruction and killing in cities throughout the U.S. comes when their poll numbers drop.

Another piece of manure came out from AP this weekend.

The headline was: "GOP Portrayal of Urban Mayhem doesn't Always Match Reality"

The truthful headline would be The media and other Democrats Portrayal that the Protests are Mostly Peaceful is a lie"

The greatest threat to peace, freedom, democracy and prosperity throughout the world and in the U.S. is when the media intentionally lies to the public in order to elect power hungry corrupt politicians who cater to dictators if it fits the agenda, which it almost always does.

The choice is easy. Vote against who most of the media campaigns for. They will lie reflexively to mislead the public because power for leftists is all that matters.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter.

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