Are the Trump flotillas America's homegrown Miracle of Dunkirk?

A friend emailed me about the Trump flotillas, saying, "These Trump flotillas are starting to look like Dunkirk."  She's right.  Dunkirk is about ordinary people taking matters into their own hands and saving the world from the forces of darkness.  In America, in the face of Democrat darkness and Biden riots, normal people have an answer to the lockdown on rallies.

In May 1940, Dunkirk was a military rout.  The Allies had lost the Battle of France, and Nazi troops had pushed the British Expeditionary Force, along with some Belgian and French forces, into Dunkirk.  The troops had their backs to the channel, and the Nazis were closing in from the front.

The British government was gathering whatever small crafts it could find to rescue the trapped troops, crafts the government assumed would get naval commanders and pilots.  Instead, in the Miracle of Dunkirk, from the end of May to the beginning of June 1940, ordinary British people, in 800 civilian boats, traveled at significant risk to themselves and rescued around 198,000 British troops and another 140,000 Allied troops.  This saved the British to stand alone against Hitler until America joined in the fight.

1941 Britannica Book of the Year description sums up the miracle:

No purely military study of the major aspects of the war could do justice to the skill and the heroism of the evacuation from Dunkirk. Suffice it to say only that, when it began, members of the British imperial general staff doubted that 25% of the B.E.F. could be saved. When it was completed, some 330,000 French and British troops, together with some Belgian and Dutch forces who refused to surrender, had reached haven in England.

... One of the most motley fleets of history — ships, transports, merchantmen, fishing boats, pleasure craft — took men off from the very few ports left, from the open beaches themselves, for German air attacks had virtually destroyed most port facilities.

Of course, the 2020 election doesn't present the life-and-death scenario seen in May 1940.  No matter how bad the Biden/Harris ticket is — and I believe it's very bad — we're not looking at the instant extermination of 330,000 people in battle, the Holocaust, or a war that eventually killed an estimated 70 million people or more.

However, we are looking at the most consequential election of our lifetimes, one that will decide whether we continue as a constitutional democratic republic or become a socialist nation.  Trump stands for the Constitution, and 2020 ought to have been a smooth election year for him: the economy was soaring; unemployment was plummeting; and he was breaking old paradigms around the world, creating a pathway for peace in Central Europe and the Middle East, to name just a few of his successful initiatives.

Trump could also expect months filled with his wildly popular rallies, which inspired the base and attracted curious people with open minds — people like Karlyn Borysenko:

But then the Wuhan virus hit.  After a two-week lockdown to which the American people agreed, the Democrats went for a six-month lockdown, severely damaging the economy.  The lockdowns also ensured that Trump-supporters, a law-abiding group, could not attend Trump rallies — never mind that the left always found excuses for the safety and appropriateness of huge Black Lives Matter protests and riots.

September has seen the economy rebound beautifully, but what about those Trump rallies?  Happily, Trump-supporters are smart, creative, and determined people.  Faced with a seemingly impossible hurdle, they improvised, and so began dozens of little Miraculous Trump Flotillas all over America.  As at Dunkirk, some of the boats will sink, but everyone survives, and Americans see that, with Trump, anything is possible.

Here are just a small number of the videos showing Trump flotillas put together by Americans who will not stand quietly by as Democrats systematically strip away their rights and their voices:

Even in the Belly of the Beast — San Francisco — the boaters were out for Trump, as you can see in this thoughtful video from a sailing former Democrat.

These glorious boat parades are a reminder that today's Democrats are people sunk in a permanent, angry, dysfunctional depression.  They're the friend who used to be fun but then started doing drugs and hanging around with the scary, weird kids.

Meanwhile, Republicans are the happy, dynamic, fun-loving people who light up the space around them.  They don't scream on the streets and set their fellow weirdos on fire; they go out and have fun, boating and voting for Trump.

Image: Trump boat parade, Lake Murray, South Carolina; YouTube screen grab.

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