Appeals court halts arbitrary extension of ballot-counting deadline by a federal judge

The arbitrary rewriting of election laws and rules by partisan judges is but one of many tricks that Democrats are using to steal the election.  Federal judges in Wisconsin and Georgia and the state Supreme Court of Pennsylvania have all extended the deadlines for receiving and counting mailed in ballots for the November election, while a New York federal judge extended the deadline for a primary election in that state. The game is to give enough time to discover how many ballots are needed and then provide them by hook or by crook, as is already being done in Minneapolis by the Ilhan Omar machine. In essence, the judges in the above cases have decided that they don't like the law, so they will change it to suit their own preferences. Fortunately, in the case of Wisconsin, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals (on which Judge Coney Barret currently sits) has issued a stay.  Dan Friedman...(Read Full Post)
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