Another Trump hoax and Biden's mental decline

The rumors about Biden's mental competence began concerning the debates.  For the Democrats, the Wuhan virus was a blessing because it allowed them to hide Biden from the public, except for scripted appearances from his home.  Now, though, even the scripted appearances can't cover for his mental decline.  The Democrats are, therefore, trying to level the playing field by launching false attacks against Trump's cognitive abilities.

It's nothing new to American Thinker readers that Joe Biden is not the man he was just a few years ago.  We've shared multiple videos showing him struggling to read his notes, giving confused answers, showing signs of emotional incontinence (that is, being unable to control his temper), losing his grip on core facts, and otherwise giving every indication that he is struggling with some form of senile dementia.  And when Biden did recently get his act together, he had a funny little bruise on his hand that's remarkably consistent with getting an IV in a location that's customarily used to administer drugs.

When Biden's not seemingly hopped up on something, he's barely there at all.  The following footage is so awful that, when I shared it with a friend, my friend's response was, "That's it.  He's done for."

Here are two more thoughts about Biden before I move on to the Democrats' laughable attempt to "prove" that Trump is failing mentally.  First, those people I know who have seen loved ones succumb to dementia say Biden is following the same trajectory.  It begins as a slow process but accelerates, with sudden huge deficits in mental competence.

Second, Dan Bongino talks about Biden's mental decline, which he says is real and serious.  He refuses to identify his sources, but the fact that he worked as a Secret Service agent for three presidents and has a hugely popular podcast means that he's got a lot of contacts.  Since his sources are anonymous, you can give that information whatever weight you wish, but it is consistent with Biden's public behavior.

The big excitement for Democrats on Monday was a tweeted video that allegedly showed a confused President Trump wandering around the White House lawn, unable to find his way to Marine One:

The person who first tweeted the above video was Tom Joseph.  He captioned it:

Trump is lost [and] disoriented here. His mind goes blank and he doesn’t remember what he's supposed to do next. He's deep into his degenerative neurological disease — Frontotemporal dementia — mindlessly lumbering and zigzagging in the grass towards a puddle.

The video had over 2 million views before Twitter labeled it "manipulated media," and Tom Joseph deleted it.  (Joseph, incidentally, is utterly obsessed with his belief that Trump has "Frontotemporal dementia," proving that, to a hammer, everything's a nail.)

In fact, the video shows a chivalrous Trump, having finished talking to the media, circling back to make sure his wife doesn't step in a puddle:

The Democrats know there's something deeply wrong with their chosen candidate.  They can't fix Biden's brain, so all they can do is the "your guy is worse than our guy" defense.  This tactic will convince only the Tom Josephs of the world, people who won't let the facts interfere with their obsessions.

For other people, though, all you need to do is look at Biden to know the truth.

Image: Chivalrous Trump, a Twitter screen grab.

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