Another Dolezal rolls out, this one a BLM 'leader'

Remember Rachel Dolezal? The famously white NAACP leader from the Spokane area who got around by pretending to be Black, has company.

Turns out a Black Lives Matter activist leader from Indianapolis has somehow been caught out and now also admits to being white while pretending to be Black.

According to the Daily Caller:

Satchuel Cole (original name: Jennifer Benton -ed.) has been highly a visible racial justice activist in Indianapolis, has worked with the local Black Lives Matter chapter and was even the spokesperson for the family of Aaron Bailey who was killed by police during a June 2017 traffic stop, according to The Indy Star. Her apology, which she posted Wednesday on Facebook, came after Black Indy LIVE published an article detailing Cole’s family history.

“I have taken up space as a Black person while knowing I am white,” Cole said in her social media post. “I have used Blackness when it was not mine to use.”

What's she look like?

Not even a good imitation of a Black person, she had nothing on Rachel Dolezal, who worked it harder with the hair weaves, although perhaps points should be given to Cole for her bid to boost her black cred with the name change.

Her revelation, which wasn't explained in the press at this point, follows the revelation two weeks ago from Georgetown University that a prominent professor there, Jessica Krug, was also caught out as a white woman pretending to be Black.

The string of white women exposed for being Black is getting to be quite a pattern. It follows an earlier trend of whites who pretended to be Native American. Elizabeth Warren and Ward Churchill could tell you all about it.

And it raises questions as to what this is about. After all, if Black Lives Matter is to be believed, all Black people are victims. That so many whites are falling all over themselves to pretend to be Black suggests that maybe it's not so risky. Or more important, that there's some kind of benefit to be had, some kind of acquired power. After all, Black women a hundred years ago used to go to untold ends to persuade others that they were white -- from makeup to hidden family stories. Now the dynamic is reversed.

Three things stand out, according to a conversation I had with Thomas Lifson:

One, there's a lot of quantity here. Lot of them coming out of the woodwork, and very likely more to follow. Word has gotten around and now a lot of them are doing it. How many of these imposters are really out there? 

The fact that there are a lot of them suggests some kind of implied reward they are after. There's a goody they are grabbing, whether it's the pleasure of claiming that one is a victim, the expectation for affirmative action benefits, or the hopes for a big reparations payout. Note in particular that most of these wreteched people, probably nearly all of them have connections to academia, even Dolezal, who has no education --on her Wikipedia page she claims to be a professor. Warren and Churchill were also deep into this game in academia.

Two: It comes as the transgender and fluid-gender movement comes to the fore. After all, if a man can claim to be a woman, and be believed, despite all visual evidence, what's to stop a white from pretending to be a black? It's a logical second step, yet the left has no answer for the question of why it's disgusting to change one's race to someone else's, but not one's sex.

Three: The fear of offending blacks is what separates transgenderism from race-fluidity. Lifson observes that Blacks are invested in victimhood and the advantages it brings in terms of careers and credibility. So, it's logical that they do not want to accept it. Yet, the whites who fake being black buy into their ideology completely -- which is why they go for the Black people's benefits.

All in all, a pathetic story. Were there truly a color-blind society with no racial spoils system, as Martin Luther King, Jr. stated that he wanted, none of this ridiculous behavior would be going on. Many Black women of the Jim Crow South disguised their race as white to the extent they could to get around the racial and social oppression of the day. Now, it's a different power structure in place, but no less oppressive. The case grows for a color-blind society.


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