And now for something completely different: Colby Covington, the MMA champ

Colby Covington is a Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) fighter in the welterweight level of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (“UFC”). He’s a ferocious fighter and an ardent Trump supporter. On Saturday night, he won a huge victory against a BLM supporter after which Covington predicted that Trump would win just as big victory on November 3. The evening ended with Covington getting a phone call from President Trump. Covington’s willingness to take the fight to the other side should inspire all of us.

Covington started as a wrestler in high school and continued wrestling at college. In 2011, he switched to MMA fighting, which adds kickboxing to wrestling in a no-holds-barred format. By 2014, Covington was one of the UFC’s most successful fighters. In 2018, he won the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship.

It’s fun to watch Covington. He’s a very aggressive fighter who isn’t too musclebound. That gives him a sinuous quality that allows him to evade his opponent’s takedowns and holds. Nevertheless, he’s powerful enough to dominate more muscular opponents.

Covington’s also not afraid of closing in, getting within his opponent’s reach, and effectively disabling the opponent’s punches and kicks. This means Covington is willing to take the hits if it means he can gain dominance in a close fight. He’s got a fast kick as well, which keeps his opponents off guard. It’s no surprise watching his technique to learn how successful Covington is.

As well as being a tough fighter, Covington is a very loud and proud Trump supporter. After he won his Welterweight Championship in 2018, Covington announced that he wanted to give his championship belt to Donald Trump. On August 2, 2018, Covington was in the Oval House with the president he admires:

On Saturday night, Covington fought Tyron Woodley. The two men are evenly matched weight, although Covington has 2” on Woodley. Woodley, in turn, has a significantly more muscular build than Covington. However, the main difference between the two men, who used to be sparring partners, is their politics.

Woodley is a loud and proud Black Lives Matter supporter. When he was interviewed on Friday about the upcoming fight with Covington, Woodley wore a hat red hat with white lettering stating, “Make Racists Catch The Face Again.” He then answered every question asked of him by saying “Black Lives Matter.” Covington, on the other hand, wore a KAG hat (Keep America Great).

At the fight, Covington completely dominated Woodley. While Woodley kept trying to muscle Covington, the latter was a whirlwind of kicks, punches, feints, takedowns, and successful holds, all while preventing Woodley from landing any serious strikes. Frankly, Woodley looked pathetic. The Bleacher Report called what happened “21-plus minutes of mind-numbing dominance.”

After the fight, Covington still had a lot of adrenalin running through him. He used it not just to talk smack about Woodley, but also to celebrate Trump and attack the entire Black Lives Matter movement, with special disdain for “woke athletes” like Lebron James:

An already great evening for Covington ended with a phone call from President Trump congratulating him on his victory:

Covington should be a living emblem of a conservative movement willing to fight. For three months, the Democrats’ BLM and Antifa foot soldiers have been rioting in cities, showing us what they’ve got. They’re now promising that, if their candidate doesn’t win on election day or they don’t get to control the Supreme Court, they will burn this country down. They’ll do that too . . . but only if we let them.

Covington took some hard hits, but he also emerged victorious because for every strike Woodley landed on him, Covington came back with more than four strikes. By the end of the fight, Covington had landed 235 strikes to Woodley’s 52. That’s the only path to victory. You cannot win a war if you don’t engage with the enemy. We’ve seen Trump fight and it’s going to be our turn.

That doesn’t mean you have to go out into the street. You just need to stand up for what you believe. Don’t apologize, don’t let them browbeat you, and remember that, if you’re hanging around with this guy, you’ve got the wrong friends.

Whatever you do, don’t be this woman:

Instead, be a Colby Covington:

Image: Colby Covington talking to President Trump; Twitter screengrab.