An unmasked mom shows how badly out of balance police power is

I deeply respect America's police, most of whom are good citizens doing a hard job to keep a vast, unwieldy, pluralist country safe and stable.  The police on the front lines face mortal danger, even as their municipal bosses, both bureaucrats and politicians, have abandoned them.  However, ordinary people — e.g., moms at football games and church worshipers — are finding that some local police have developed an unpleasantly totalitarian side about those mask mandates. Leftists like masks.  They want to see everyone wearing a mask.  Health paranoia, more than health science, supports them.  From a non-scientific viewpoint, the way people wear masks (under their noses) and handle their masks (on and off, on and off, transferring viruses and bacteria all over the place) makes their utility questionable. People other than power-hungry leftists have noticed that, while hyper-sensitive Wuhan virus...(Read Full Post)
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