An unmasked mom shows how badly out of balance police power is

I deeply respect America's police, most of whom are good citizens doing a hard job to keep a vast, unwieldy, pluralist country safe and stable.  The police on the front lines face mortal danger, even as their municipal bosses, both bureaucrats and politicians, have abandoned them.  However, ordinary people — e.g., moms at football games and church worshipers — are finding that some local police have developed an unpleasantly totalitarian side about those mask mandates.

Leftists like masks.  They want to see everyone wearing a mask.  Health paranoia, more than health science, supports them.  From a non-scientific viewpoint, the way people wear masks (under their noses) and handle their masks (on and off, on and off, transferring viruses and bacteria all over the place) makes their utility questionable.

People other than power-hungry leftists have noticed that, while hyper-sensitive Wuhan virus tests are still showing new cases, people aren't dying en masse.  Also, most of the deaths occurred in a handful of counties.  Roughly 200 days after we were told a 15-day shutdown would flatten the curve and return life to normal, we finally flattened that curve.

In the free America we older folks still remember, mask madness would be over.  Masks would be limited to those who need them (the elderly and those with co-morbidities) and those with active symptoms who, for whatever reason, cannot remain at home.  The rest of us would be free — especially our children, who can neither give nor receive the Wuhan virus.

But that's not happening in 2020 America.  State and municipal politicians, having had a taste of power, are not letting go.  Many are going all in for total control.  To save one person from dying from the Wuhan virus, these despots are willing to destroy hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of other lives.  Who cares about drug abuse, alcohol abuse, depression, broken marriages, suicide, untreated diseases, child abuse, and bankruptcy when you can assure that your town won't have a single Wuhan virus death and, even better, no Wuhan virus cases at all?

So how are these tin-pot tyrants maintaining this control?  With the police, who fall into two categories.  We regularly see footage showing police facing down screaming mobs, who shoot them, throw Molotov cocktails at them, try to burn them alive in police stations, shower them with feces balloons, blind them with lasers, and strike them with clubs.  These front line police are absolute heroes.

But when it comes to some of the behind-the-line police, there are problems.  Take what happened to Alecia Kitts.  She drove with her family for an hour and a half, traveling from Marietta, Ohio, to Logan, Ohio to watch her son's school football game.  She was sitting outdoors, in isolation, with her family, maskless (just like Fauci) because she has asthma, when a Logan Police Department officer, without any prior warning, arrested her for not wearing a mask.

Kitts objected loudly and wiggled about wildly to avoid the cuffs the officer was trying to place on her.  She shouldn't have resisted.  That only makes things worse — and it did.  The officer tasered Kitts as she sat on the metal bench, giving her children a shock, too.  Another officer who came to help...wasn't initially wearing a mask:

I'm beginning to understand how, in Saudi Arabia, the religious police were willing to let young girls burn to death rather than have them appear maskless.  Even in Saudi Arabia, though, people across the political spectrum objected.  Here, the spectators sat placidly as the mask police went after Kitts.  They didn't even have the decency to heckle the police.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Idaho, where no one has died or been hospitalized from the Wuhan virus, the city council has still banned church services, which is almost certainly unconstitutional.  When parishioners showed up in a parking lot to sing hymns, the police arrested some of the singers:

I know exactly what's going on with police who follow orders that they know are unconstitutional or morally indecent.  They're not bad.  They're prisoners of the demands of their lives — feeding the children, paying the mortgage, keeping up the insurance.  But at some point, one hopes at least some will say "enough."

Watching all this, I ask myself, who are we?  What in the world have we become?  Have we always been so sheeplike and cowardly, and I just didn't notice?  At least the vile leftists fight for what they believe.  We need to pull back soon because we are heading fast for a cliff edge that separates us from being Americans and turns us into perpetual victims living in a violent, totalitarian world.

Image: Alecia Kitts getting arrested.  YouTube screen grab.