An old veteran explains why the flag should be planted

I am 64 years old. I am a veteran.    I have been working from home these last five months...reading, watching, and listening to everything I can...but when I see all the bias, the flatout lies, and the endless deception in the mainstream media and so many other sources...I feel like I have to do something...that "we" have to do something.    I was reminded on this past anniversary of 9/11 of how we as a nation came together after that horrific day. Specifically how we as a nation were all on the same page...the values and truths our country and flag stood for were unquestioned and understood by all. I remember all the American flags that went up...everywhere. In windows, on houses, in yards, on almost every passing vehicle. How neighbor talked to neighbor, stranger talked to stranger...the unity and the love for our country I have never felt stronger.   Years ago, I worked for a company with over 200 people...a...(Read Full Post)
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