An antidote to The Comey Rule

William Barr, et al. are not going to release the Durham Report before the election.  Of course — we wouldn't want to be mean and play hardball by shining light on the pervasive systemic corruption infecting our seminal government agencies responsible for the investigation of crime and the fair administration of justice.  No, that would not do, especially since the outcome of this next election will merely determine whether America continues to endure as a constitutional republic.

Well, at least we have the new Showtime miniseries, The Comey Rule, to educate the frightened cowering masses regarding their need to adhere to a higher loyalty to our elite betters. 

Three years ago — that would be way back in 2017 — inspired by the work of then FBI Director James Comey, I wrote Alien Anthropologists, a romantic-comedy/political farce.

Back then (2017), I produced an episode from my movie, which I present to you now, free to view, as an antidote to Comey's Rule.

I haven't checked the laws in my local jurisdiction — that would be Newsom's California — so releasing this could get me an extended prison sentence as likely our governor has already signed an executive order making it against the law to conspire to make people laugh out loud least a stream of COVID projectiles spraying from the mouths of guffawing citizens endanger the health and safety of the community.

The opening of my little farce features a desolate mountain landscape as the first title fades in and out: "After a Brief Respite from Tyranny, the Old Republic Is Again Under the Thumb of the Elites."

As alien visitor Zeno's spacecraft is seen entering Earth's atmosphere, another title fades in and out: "Somewhere in the remote reaches of the United Socialist States of America — 2022."

Little did I imagine in 2017 that my little farce, in a few short weeks during the spring of 2020, would foretell the dystopian authoritarian nightmare that our country and our fellow citizens are currently laboring under.

Back in 2017, I thought that what I had written was simply an absurd comedy.  It gives me no comfort to think that my story was prescient.  My fervent hope and prayer is that justice, common sense, and the rule of law will prevail and that America will continue to be a place of refuge for those who seek opportunity and love freedom.  God help us and our dear country should the result of this coming election be that the Comeys of this world will forever rule over us.

Robert Kirk, a retired prosecutor, suffers from a rare malady that only afflicts a tiny percentage of his fellow Californians — commonsense conservative thought.  To contact go to:

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