Amy Klobuchar steps in it on Supreme Court nomination, then tries to clean up, badly

As Democrat go into a feeding frenzy over the news that President Trump intends to pick a new Supreme Court nominee, Minnesota's supposedly moderate senator, Amy Klobuchar, stepped in it by supporting his rationale, and wasn't happy about it.

First, she tweeted this.

She's so invested in the idea that President Trump isn't president and that President Trump could never be re-elected that she found that this statement perfectly meshed with all her other far-left views.

Then she started getting replies like this:

So she tried to clean up after herself, with no success:

And got replies like this:

This is sorry stuff, given that she's supposed to be the Democrats' version of the moderate.  That's why she couldn't get any delegates during the primaries.  In this election, Democrats wanted a crazed extremist.  When I first saw that tweet, I thought she was serious, given her reputation for moderation.  Maybe she's as moderate as she's billed, I thought.

And why, if she were smart, she would have stuck to her tweet, which was factual, even if President Trump was saying it.

And it was fitting, too, given that Klobuchar is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which holds the Supreme Court hearings.  She could have held that tweet up as proof that she's fair and impartial.

But she didn't.  She went along with the leftist herd like the rest of them and disowned her own tweet.  Instead of being a fan of rule of law, she's a fan of Democratic politics. 

And as a result, she's now a laughingstock.  As Ed Morrissey put it in his excellent blog post on it, she's done an "own goal."  If she had any brains, she would have stuck by her guns and given rule of law a small shoutout.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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