After unexpected defeat, Sheriff Joe Arpaio joins with Larry Klayman launch fund to help 'defunded' police

Arizona has turned a page on history.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 88, has run his last political race.  On August 4, 2020, voters in Maricopa County cast their vote in the Republican primary that saw the former six-term sheriff and national law enforcement celebrity, in a battle with his former chief deputy, Jerry Sheridan, lose by one point.  The master politician, who for 24 years sat upon a powder keg of crime and punishment, illegal immigration, demonstrations, pink underwear, and a Tent City Jail in the scorching sun of the Sonoran Desert.  Why would a man who was born on Flag Day in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1932 still be out pounding the pavement in 118-degree heat?  That was Joe Arpaio.  Love him or hate him, he was going to make news. This time around, he did not.  Despite his best efforts to generate "press," the local Phoenix-area media would not cover him.  Many of his faithful...(Read Full Post)
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